Anyone feeling tired?

Anyone want to join me in curling up on the sofa and going to sleep?
feel so tired today and yet have so much work to do


  • oh i would love to curl up on the sofa and watch a film but my lo is having a nap (phew) and my mum is coming to stay tonight and the house looks like I've been burgled !! better get to it hahaha max xxx
  • It's so hard.... I'm sat here - just done wages and now have to do invoices - Hubby is away till late tonight and have people coming over for work - yurggghh!! Can't even enjoy the apprentice either image
    Maximaxi - glad it's not just my house that looks like it's been burgled - I purposely didn't tidy up before I went on hols for that reason. I figured if someone broke in - they would think someone got there before them...

    umm .... hot chocolate
  • I'm at work and shattered! Don't know how I got out of bed this morning! xx
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