Ov sticks, help!! Is this normal?

Right-ho girlies! So have just started ttc this month. Was on microgynon for ten yrs, came off it last july, then had to go back on it this july for 3m for wedding. So came off beginning beg oct, withdrawal bleed couple days later, then 34 day cycles til af. Sooo being impatient and wanting to get pg asap i brought some ov sticks from supermarket this weekend and tested 1st time on sat - too early i know as worked out should be ov'ing on thurs. However still no +ive ov. Is this 'normal' ? xx


  • Hey hun, didn't want to read and run. I don't really know about OV sticks as don't use them but I know that lots of women are surprised by how late they can OV when they start testing as they always thought it was earlier. It's apparently totally normal to OV up to around 21 days and with your 34 day cycle I would imagine you prob OV quite late too, maybe even day 19 or 20. What day are you on now hun?.x.
  • I found my cycles were a bit messed up after coming off Microgynon and have varied from +ve on Day 13 to Day 18 on my OPKS so far in 7 months of trying. Just keep records of when CD1 is, when you get a positive and when AF comes and then you start to see a clear picture. I have started temping this month too and it was a great feeling when my temp peaked 2 days after getting my +ve on OPK so maybe try that too? Good luck and welcome to the weird and wonderful world of TTC! x
  • Thanks everyone! Currently on cd19 and testing at approx 6pm. Doing what it says and not drinking or 'going' for 3 hours before. No cm at all to speak of so hopefully it will happen soon and i am actually ovulating! x
  • Hi SmudgeSmith,

    I am CD15, of a 30 day cycle, been using ov sticks daily since CD10 and still no +ve for ov. This morning ive been feeling rather sicky, wasn't sure if this was to do with ov as had CM, but tried using FMU and still neg. Am going to try using urine at 6pm (if I can hold til then or later) and see how it is. I would have thought me having a 30 day cycle would mean I would ov over the next couple of days.....it varies though some women ov earlier or later than they thought they would do.. good luck xx
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