my daughter got run over by motorised wheelchair

It happened yesterday and I'll let you know now that she is ok (thank god)
We were in a shop in town with my friend and her daughter. I stepped out with felicity (who is only 2!) holding her hand down the step and I let go and turned left to get the pram and within seconds I heard her scream 'mummy help me' and as I looked she was on the floor under this motorised wheelchair with an old man on it. As I went to get her the man moved forward on top of her and I screamed 'get off her get off her whilst holding her and lifting this thing up as he was obviously making no attempt to reverse or anything. Eventually I freed her and I just went into shock. I held her so close and sat on the floor in the middle of the street whilst people sat around us to help. She was crying I was shaking, a woman suggested taking her shoes off in case her feet swell up. At that moment I saw the old man still on his thing and I felt so angry I shouted at him 'dont you have any fucking control over that thing'. He said nothing, didnt even apologise but I did hear him say something to someone so he could talk! Felicity's friend started crying, poor thing she said' felicity's been run over'. The owner of the shop was very helpful and said im in shock and to get us inside where the sun isnt on us. I realised I should call OH but all I could manage was 'felicity's had an accident' I could hear in his voice he thought the worse & i felt terrible but i didnt know what to say so i passed him over to my friend and she explained. Soon the paramedic showed then Lee, then police and ambulance. Felicity at this point wanted to sit in her pram and had no problem moving her feet but didnt want anyone near her but me. We decided it was best to get her checked at hospital. When we were there she had an x-ray which she hated and then waited 2hrs whilst she was up and talking and walking about. He said there is no fractures but just tissue damage so she may have swollen ankle for 7 days.
Looking at her today she has grazes and bruises over her legs and swollen left ankle. She keeps telling us 'naughty man hurt my leg', apart from that she is fine and happy so im happy but still traumatised by the "road traffic accident" as the police call it and play it over in my head seeing her under that thing.
From my friends point of view she saw the man knock her down then carry on over her. The owner of th shop said he sees those wheelchairs whizzing round that corner every day and they think they own the paths. Im so scared to take her out and let her walk I want to rap her in cotton woll and stay in forever because I just think what if it had been a car or he ran over her head or anything worse could have happened if I didnt lift the thing.


  • oh honey what an awful thing to happen!
    did the police do or say anything to the old man?

    i hope he gets barred from using the electric things!!
    that happened to a man in my town and there was outrage that he wouldn't be able to do his shopping, but i think its his own fault as he had been caught speeding indoors in the town centre!!
    hope you have a better day today! and childrean bounce back so quickly i'm sure she will have forgotten it within the week!!
  • oh my god, that is so awful, it made me cry the thought of it!!! I have a 19 month old and the thought of something bad happening to him is so scary! What an old bastard, i think i would have had to restrain myself from knocking him off it! but i understand when your in shock all you care about is your wee one!

    I'm glad she is ok and like danipink said she will have forgotten about it soon enough and it will make her more wary of vehicles.

  • OMG honey!!! the poor little thing....poor mummy too!!

    I hate those things SOME ppl on them seem to think that they have some almighty right to barge ppl out of the way!
    I can't believe he didn't get off her u had more control than me i would have thumped him!

    So glad she's on the mend!
    Big hugs to u both!!!
  • thank you, i know they took a statement from him but thats all i know. the police were meant to call me last night but didnt. I know i think i prob more affected by it than she is..
    I didnt actually cry until I told my mum over the phone last night, i had held it in so long that i couldnt help it x x
  • Glad to hear your dd is ok. What a shock for you though. I've often thought that lots of people using those motorised things drive too fast and are very inconsiderate to pedestrians. hope you start to feel better about it all soon.

  • Hi hun, thats terrible but doesnt suprise me at all these days, old people think they have the right away on them bloody things and on buses and cars aswel.
    I used to get the bus alot and old people used to push in like they had the right away, used to piss me right off.

    Hope your little girl is soon on the mend hun and hope that the old git whizzes around corner and falls off his wheelchair. xx
  • Oh hun, i cant imagine what i would of done...altho launching myself at the said man may be a start!!! Agree with the other girls they DO think they own the bloody pavement on those things and its wrong, i hope she is on the mend hun, u know kids tho they bounce back dont they, hopefully shel do the same xxxxxxxx
  • Oh my god how awful for you I am soo pleased she is ok babe I hater those things I have been knocked into by one of those and your so right they do think they own the paths they think well i am old they can get out of my way it;s so bad. They actually end up going really fast as well.

    K xxx
  • OMG sweetie - you poor things, what a shocker, as everyone as said I am sure your daughter will recover quickly as it is amazing how resiliant children are but I can only imagine how you are feeling.

    You must take it easy for a few days as a shock like that will knock the stuffing out of you for a little while.

    I don't know what else to say other than if I were I think I would be ringing the police and following up on what they are going to do and perhaps seeking some legal advice on whether something can be done in light of the accident about motorised chairs where it happened.

  • I know I do need to take it easy Im just so tired and exhausted, I had to go to bed at 9 last night because I couldnt keep myslef awake and I ached all over. felicity got in bed with me too. oh woke me at 11pm so i put her in own bed then I cried myself to sleep. Even today I feel really effected by it.
    I will ring the police today but I dont know what number to ring or who to speak to or what to say either??!!
    We walked to the local shop earlier and i put her in pram, didnt like the thought of her walking or running off, i think even she didnt want to walk, she was more then happy to sit in pram and didnt want to wear her shoes either because we had to take them off yesterday in case they got swollen so i think she associates them with the accident.

    Im a very good eater and love food but I dont have much of an appetite, only managed 2 slices pizza last night even though I hadnt eaten for 7hrs and I havent been able to eat lunch yet when normally I cant wait.
    Felicity is absolutely fine, eating lots and playing with toys and the dog, She was really happy when her nana popped over earlier with a teddy bear (and flowers for me).

    thank you for all your replies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Im glad I can talk to you girls as I feel so alone x
  • it sounds like you are doing all the right things, don't let your daughter not wear her shoes for too long tho (once the swelling has gone down) as you wouldn't want her to get stressed about walking/shoes either.

    Try just ringing through to your local police station and just explain the accident - they will have a record on their computer systems and should be able to put you through to the officer who dealt with it - definitely worth following up with them, if nothing else it will make you feel like you are doing something about it.

    You also must try and eat something, little and often rather than over facing yourself with big meals - you need to keep your strength up.

    Take care and don't forget we are all hear to listen or a cyber shoulder to cry on.

  • OMG, i hope she is ok. Stupid man. Take care both of you.
  • OMG, i hope she is ok. Stupid man. Take care both of you.
  • thankyou mrsjules - im going to eat dinner now and i snacked on biccies all day!
    i will call the police later when oh is home x
  • The sales people for those scooters are crooks too. My elderly grandad handed over ??3000 for a scooter which didn't even fit through his door after being conned by a firm and when my dad protested and insisted they take it back they said they would only return the 'cost' price of ??800 otherwise they would loose their profit. My grandad tried to use it a few times but would not have had a hope of being safe with his reflexes so it ended up on ebay!!
    Hope your daughter is better and perhaps the local press may like to hear about it to remind these scooter hooligans of their responsibilities to others and perhaps provoke an apology off this chap!
  • I spoke to the police and she said there is nothing I can do as it is battery powered so not classed as motor vehicle and does not need a licence for it so cant even have that taken away. He is 89 & maybe didnt register what was happening straight away as in shock. She also said he had grazing on his arms where he attempted to lift the thing but obviously I didnt notice because I had all attention on my daughter. She said I could go for no win no fee claim but I think I would feel guilty as he is so old and lives in council flat on his own so prob has no money. The whole situation has been totally out of my control when it happened and even now!!
    People shouldnt be allowed those things they are a menace and disabled people should make do with normal wheelchairs or get a carer, sorry if that is harsh but I have the right to my opinion and I reckon a lot of people would back me up. aaarrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • OMG I have read this twice cos I couldn't take it in the first time, lots of love to you both and hope you both recover mentally and physically asap. I can just imagine how you felt but at least you held her tight when it happened so she knows your always there for her, thats why she's recovered so soon. You are a fab mummy xxx
  • Thankyou maximaxi.
    We're much better today, took her to toddlers and the park with our friends and walked past where it happened and i felt fine. even spoke to owner of shop and hes really glad felicity is ok. I made her sit in her pram on the way to toddlers but once we had finished there she didnt want to sit in it again and she refused to hold my hand or to wear her reins. It is so difficult to get an adventerous toddler to do what you say and all she was happy to go with was to hold onto pram so at least that was something. And she held my hand when crossing the road. I literally didnt take my eye her once and grbbed her arm as soon as I saw one of those chairs. Im a bit of a nervous wreck I think.
    Its funny because since the accident I see those chairs everywhere!!!!!!
    I said to my friend today it is horrible having children because of the constant worry. Something positive has come out of this though, I am a lot more calm and patient with her now as I just want to make the most of everything. Listen to me going all soppy xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • What an awful thing to happen to you both. I hope Felicity recovers from the accident soon although I think it will take you longer to get over it that she will.

    Iv seen a few maniacs at the wheel of electric wheelchairs. A few months ago an old man ran into a display of tin cans in Tesco which obviously sent them all flying and he just drove off unaware of the destruction he had caused. Today, I was on a bus when another old man came flying off the pavement in front of the bus and was nearly knocked over, the bus driver wasnt too pleased as you can imagine. Im a nurse and look after a few people who use these things but definately think there should be some sort of regular check ups to make sure they are safe using them.
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