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What do you do on day 1?

Hi, it's day 1 again for me. Just wondered what everyone does on the day AF arrives ?

Someone on here was saying they make sure they have something to do like meeting up with friends to take their mind off it. I know people who have the drink they've been avoiding just in case. I haven't anything to do today but I am going to have a long hot bath and a bit of a pamper later as I avoid baths during the 2 week wait 'just in case' (I do shower by the way :lol: ).



  • hiya mrsjules,

    hope your ok, i felt like that last month and its not nice. can i ask why avoid baths?? (duh!)

  • Aw thank you both. I've been doing some internet shopping so thats made me feel a lot better image xx
  • oh crap ive only got a bath!!!

  • I wouldn't worry Kell. It's just me being super cautious and because I have super hot lava type baths! When you're pregnant I don't think very hot baths are a good idea so during the 2 week wait I avoid them just in case I've mananged to concieve. Think baths are alright just not very hot ones. image xx
  • I didn't know about the bath thing,I dont have baths anyway.

    Good luck for next month
  • Hi, the bath thing only means not to have a very hot bath as it increases your body temp and not good for baby. If you test the water before you get in and make sure its a reasonable temp there is no need to avoid having one. If you are getting out all pink then the water is too hot! =p

    Good luck ttc xx
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