FAO Cycle Buddy - Snugglenush :lol:

Hi hun,

Hows you? did you do an OPK today? I forgot I have no idea when am ov this month and this is prob tmi but I feel wet down below and have lots of creamy coloured cm is this normal after af and before ov??

Im going nuts here he he, wont be long till we are both on the dreaded 2ww together :roll:

SD x

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  • well If your cycle is the same as mine we should theoretically OV about the week of the 11 Jan. (I think mine could be as late as 18th Jan.) So I haven't used my OPK yet. THe packet on mine recommends youstart using them from CD18.

    Have been trying to chartt my tempbut thats been a disaster - apparantly my temp fluctuates every day lol.

    I have a little cm - just wet not stringy or anything.

  • Yeah I thought it was too early to be doing OPK's I done one this evening and had a faint line so who knows but am going to wait until the weekend and start testing from then on.

    Just booked a hol for end May for our wedding anniversary so am bit more relaxed about trying but still obviously wanna get pregnant.

    Well hopefully wont be long till we are on the 2ww again. Its hell all this waiting about tho eh!!

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