Doing this for Dotty....

Who's doing this for Sam...

Was just doing an FAO for you Dotty. Just been nosey on Cosmo and saw your post. You were clearly upset. I'm sorry you had to go over there and explain your circumstances, hope your ok and loving this idea!

Lets get this bloody topic gone because I'm sure its caused loads of stress and stress isn't good for TTC. Though I hear sex is :lol: sorry last mention of it I promise xx


  • oh beth, that last bit just made me burst out laughing
    ...but now sssssssssssssssshhhhh
  • lol bb, i posted on dittys post and i will post on here too we need to get back to normality on
  • Thanks, it's good to know there are friends to talk to on here!! I must try the sex thing sometime, I obviously need to have more of it apparently!! 5 times this week (TMI) on the SMEP and i'm knackered!! :lol:
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