When do u all Ov?

Hi all, im on CD10 today, i did a clear blue ovulation test lastnight and didnt get a smiley face.... now the last time i got preg with my LO i never used the test kits, i came off pill in July (around my 21st bday) and started having sex near enough every day (i have PCOS so didnt have regular cycles) and i think i may of had a small blead in the middle but got my BFP in beginning of sept, and had my baby in may.
So back to ttc, and getting quite confused with the ov kits, now do i have 2 test when my urine isnt diluted?? because everytime iv tested i've had many drinks during the day etc... and the past 2 cycles have been around 30days so does that mean i'd ov on day 14ish?? or can it change each cycle? came off pill in december, this would be our 1st month ttc though as i had some hosp tment before... i read ur most fertile in the 1st few months of coming off pill, so im guessing that may why i got caught so quickly last time??? but im worried i came off pill too soon, and my fertile period is gone? is there any truth in this? sorry for all the Qs im just bit confused and wondering weather its worth using the test kits or just try what we did last time although it is hard with a lo xxx


  • with a 30 day cycle you should Ov on day 16 as it's 14 days between OV and AF usually!

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  • oh great stuff thank u xx
  • I OV on days 16-18, but I have a short LP, of 11. If I didn't do opks or use ff, I would never have realised. Would have just thought that I had a 27-29 day cycle with OV falling on day days 13-15! Wouldn't have had any chance! lol! xxx
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