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AF arrived, glad the waiting's over!!

Hi Ladies,

AF arrived yesterday so my first pill free month was a 44 day cycle, could have been worse I suppose but it felt like forever. It would be fab if my cycle got shorter this next month but I'll have to wait and see.

I don't use OPK's or chart or anything yet so I'll go by EWCM if I get it this month and just BD'ing more often.

Fingers crossed to us all for BFP's all round in the new year. Thank you all for listening during my first ever 2/3 WW, I can tell this is going to be tough!!


  • argh, 44 days!!! i have been off pill for 13 days and i am already impatient!!! just want af to be done or be pg as am cramping/aching nauseus but could be either!! good luck for shorter cycles now!!
  • Yeah thanks for that, I found the waiting really hard and shorter cycles would make it easier. I'm the same and would prefer AF than nothing especially when all the symptoms are there. I had cramping, PMT and rock hard sore nipples which was a first but didn't mean anything decent.

    I hope that you are one of the lucky ones and get a BFP on your first month and if I can be lucky to get it the 2nd then even better! Keep posting, it's nice to chat to people who are going through the same thing.
  • hi and welcome to the site! just wanted to say good luck!

    Thankyou, I'm sure I'll be posting again soon with more questions as it's only my 2nd month.

    How long have you been ttc? Wishing us both BFP's soon xxx:\)
  • Aw thinks hun, and for sure i will kep posting!!! I am totally addicted to this board now!! I feel a bit funny if i don't check at least once a day, i get withdrawal!! hahah, something to keep my mind off being so bloody frustrated!! OOh and welcome to the board too, and good luck for this month, babydust xxxxx
  • we decided mid sept but had already missed ov so don't include then :lol: This is our 3rd full month. I'm now 9 days late but have had about 12 bfn's in two weeks! (have got a bit obsessive about poas!!) Just waiting on results of dr's test which I'll get on Monday

    Hello again!!

    I read about your situation on your post and wish you luck and hope it results in a BFP! Did you come off the pill in Sept? How have your cycles been? Sorry to be nosy but this is all so new etc etc.

    I've only poas once during my wait for AF and know from that one how addictive they can be, I was going to do another but af arrived. I need to buy some cheapos off Ebay.
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