how to use cheapy opks?

This is my first time using cheapy opks and I'm after some advice.....

I was reading through the instructions and I was wondering how closely people follow them. it says to test later in the day, and to restrict fluid a couple of hours before, and to also leave urine sample to reach room temp? is all that really necessary? don't get me wrong I'll walk on broken glass if I thought it would help with ttc, but i'm not sure how thrilled hubby would be with a pot of my wee sat in the bathroom for 20 mins each day!!

lb xx


  • heehee i ignore the part about leaving it till its room temp! gross! also i'm too impatient! the other stuff i follow though. i get into a routine of doing it when i come in from work and i don't drink much anyway so its pretty easy for me to not have drank for a couple of hrs before xxx
  • thanks hon - hubby will be relieved!
  • I also ignore the room temperature part. I drink loads through the day normally so now I try and not drink anything from 3pm onwards and then do it when I get home. Hubby finds it very amusing when I tell him I'm off to pee in a pot!!
  • Hi,
    I ignored the room temperature thing too, I usually stopped drinking and went for a last wee at 2pm, then i would test at about 6pm. They worked for me, good luck xx
  • I'm just reading some reviews on the web ( and lots of people recommend testing twice a day - might be worth it seen as they're so cheap x
  • Twice a day? Hmm...I've not been doing the room temperature thing either, i've been finishing drinking/weeing at 4 then testing at 6. Wish you could just use FMU, would make life a lot easier!
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