Unbelievably Unexpected BFP!!! Now Feeling Guilty :(


I haven't been on for ages. We moved at the beginning of May and haven't had any internet for a while.

So anyway, i did a test this morning and i cannot believe i'm actually writing this, it was a BFP!!! I'm in complete shock, but we are over the moon.

We really didn't think it would happen this month. This was only our first month of TTC, and didn't really go in to it whole heartidly because we were moving so we only did the deed twice, and no where near where i thought i would have ovulated. My last AF was on 30th April (CD35), which was one whole week later than my usual 28 day cycle. We only did the deed on CD7 and CD11, so there was no way i thought it would happen.

So now the bit i feel really guilty about.... On Sunday May 23rd i had a medium rare steak and a little bit of goats cheese, and on Sunday June 2nd i went to a BBQ and had far too much to drink (enough to give me a hangover). Even last night i had some family round and had a couple of beers.

Now i've had this BFP this morning, i feel like crying as i don't know if i've hurt the little bean already, so early on in it's development. There is absolutely no way i would have done anything in any way to harm the little bean if i thought there was any possibilty of me conceiving. Just feel so awful about it image

Baby dust to everyone TTC


A very happy, but feeling guilty flowerfairy xxx


  • Oh huge congratulations and soooo lucky to get that bean with your minimal deed doing! hehe

    Please don't feel guilty or worry, with my DS i had no idea I was pregnant until i was 8wks and well that 8 weeks included xmas and new year and birthday so lots of eating and drinking excessively unawares there was even a chance of a bean! And he turned out absolutely fine, showing no effect at all from his ignorant mummy! So please don't worry!

    Happy and Healthy 9 Months and CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!
  • Congrats hun,

    I can understand your worry but remember some people don't find out till much further along so will have eaten/drank what they shouldn't have for much longer.

    I am sure your little bean is just fine image

    MrsH and little pud 10+4 xxxx

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  • G/C from DIN... you have nothing to worry about, I did all the bad things before I knew I was pregnant! The baby doesn't feed off you to start with anyway!

  • Congratulations!!! And don't worry, the little bean takes all it's nutrients from it's yolk sac not from you for the first few weeks until it's embedded in nice and snug and the placenta forms. My mam didn't get a positive result with me til she was 13 weeks and she'd been out on Christmas parties and everything and here I am, 29 years old, no health probs at all!

    Now relax and enjoy your pregnancy! xx
  • hey, congrats on your bfp!! I really wouldnt worry as im sure everything will be fine enjoy being pg as it goes soooo fast.
    Luv clare
  • Thank you so so much for all your lovely responses and reassurances image

    I must say it's really weird reading all your replys and congratulations, it's definifely helping it sink in. It all seams a little sureal at the moment! Am hoping to get a CBD test at lunch time, so i can see those magical words. Hoping that might help as well!!!

    Thanks again girlies image xx

  • Congrats hun!!

    As all the other ladies have said-please don't worry. When I had my ds who is now 4 I didn't know I was pregnant and we went camping for the weekend. I slept on the cold floor, drink A LOT, eat very badly bbq'd food and even went on fair ground rides including a few that went upside down!! I felt awful when I got a BFP just a few days later! I mentioned it to the dr and he told me not to worry AT ALL.

    Congrats again! I got my BFP on Sunday so hopefully we will be in DIF together! image

  • huge congratulations.

    dont worry about little bean as my doc told me that up till 6 weeks they do not share the same blood supply as us. think its when the heart starts beating. x
  • Congratulations - I'm sure your little bean will be fine x
  • congrats hun xx
  • Massive congrats!
    Dont feel bad, some people go weeks into their pregnancy without even knowing.
  • Thanks again everyone!!!

    Look forward to seeing you in DIF Charlie Chalk image

    Baby dust to all, hope to see you all in DIF as well!!

  • Congratulations flowerfairy. I won't repeat what everyones written but totally agree your bean will be fine don't guilt trip yourself.
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