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Cheese when ttc - random I know!!

This might be a random question but in an attempt to be romantic and seduce DH tonight after just finding out I could be OV today or about to OV I want BD tonight to be have a new thing of Camembert in the fridge that my brother gave us from France - thinking of baking it and having it with crusty bread (quite romantic I thought...?) - I know you shouldn't have this kind of cheese when pregnant but does anyone know if you should avoid it when ttc???

Thanks xx ;\)


  • I think it's fine before getting a BFP. Sounds yummy - enjoy! X
  • Sorry gatecrashing - but if it's cooked I'm pretty sure you can have it even if you are pregnant! Could be wrong though. Definitely ok to indulge when TTC though - just think, could be the last time you get to have it for 9 months!

    Coco 34+2 xx
  • Hehe I like your thinking Coco - thanks! Yeah hadn't thought about the fact it'll be cooked through so reckon it'll be fine.

    Here's to a yummy dinner and some good BD!

    Thanks xx
  • Hi - sounds lovely, yum yum!

    It's definitely OK to have while TTC - it's only because it is a salmonella risk that pregnant women are warned off it because food poisoning can be pretty destructive in pregnancy.

    Interested - Are you just going to bake it 'naked' as it were or put it in breadcrumbs? I've never done it before but I think I might give it a try...

    Hungry now, off to raid the fridge...
  • I've seen them bake it 'naked' on Come Dine With Me. Think I might do it tomorrow. I keep saying the diet's going to start tomorrow and then something always comes along - today it's Baked Camembert!
  • Well it was delicious. I cut the top off (very thinly) and put it back in the box as it was. Then shoved 3 thick slices of garlic in the top and baked it for about 30 minutes on 200c. I also read you can sprinkle paprika on top but i didnt' have any. We had a candlelit dinner with salami, cherry tomatoes, grapes and olives. It was amazing. Oh and home made garlic baguette. Then a bar of chocolate while watching 'Chocolat' - very romantic! xx
  • Hi - sounds yummy. To re-assure you, I had eaten baked camembert when I was pregnant before I found out and I asked the doctor about it and she said it was fine. So on that basis pretty sure it would be fine if TTC too.
  • sounds yummy hun, sounds like you had a fab
  • hiya - bit OT, but I find that you can microwave camembert too!!
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