CBFM - if this worked for you, how long did it take?


I got a CBFM which i told myself i wouldn't use under i'd been off the pill 3 months and had established 3 cycles, plus we are not properly ttc until our wedding in 3 weeks (although not trying to stop it). Anyway, 3 weeks to go and if i don't get pg this month looks like its coming out of the box!

Just wondered of those who used it, how long did it take? Also if you used it and it didn't work. Would like a balanced view on how effective they are.

Have read lots of good things on the CBFM thread but it goes on and on and impossible to skim read it! Plus not sure of all the terminology (guess i'll get better when im actually using it).

I've already got one so may as well give it a go, but just wondered what you ladies think



  • Hi there

    For this info, you might be better posting in pregnancy too. I've used mine one month and had a month off but I've heard they are quite effective for those who have cycles which aren't too long. I think it can also take a couple of months to get to know your cycle too, so don't be too worried if you get constant highs/lows until you peak.

    You may want to have a quick look on the CBFM thread that is on here (It has my name so you will be able to find it).

    Hope this helps

    V xx
  • Hi hun,

    I'm on my first month using it and i've been getting highs since cd7 and i'm now on cd23 and still highs and no peak!

    I think the first month or two it is getting used to your cycles and it's abit of a pain but hopefully it gets me a BFP!

    Good luck with it hun!
  • hi I am onto month four of using it!
  • I got pg 1st month using the CBFM (month 8 ttc) xx
  • first month after 10 months of trying without

    good luck x
  • Hey,
    This is my 1st month using cbfm...it told me when when my two high days were and my two peak days...very affective as it told me exactly when i was ovulating...which were different to my cycle calenders etc....just waiting for the outcome as im on 5dpo xxx
  • This is my first month using it but monthy 9 ttc so I'm hoping it does the trick!!
    Lady2188 IT WORKED FOR YOU image x
  • Hi

    Fell the first month of using it after 18months ot TTC.

    Good Luck xx
  • I used it when ttc dd1 and got pg after 2 months of using it.
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