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I am due af Monday 21st CD35, if af doesnt show do I count mon or tues as CD1 or do I wait for af and so my cycle would be longer than my usual 35.

Whats the latest DPO i could get a BFP if I still get a BFN on Monday?

I have tested 8/9/10 and 12 DPO and all BIG FAT NOTHING!!!!

Thanks xx


  • Hi pet, CD1 is always the first day of AF in full flow. I haven't got any experience of getting a BFP but I believe some ladies on here went a week or more past AF before getting a BFP.
    I've got my fingers crossed for you pet. xx

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  • Mrs Robertson is right there chick you only count CD from fro the first day of red bloody so spotting doesn't count either

    everyone is different on the dpo front tho chick i think anything from your missed period is the best bet of a good BFP,testing early can lead to false pregnancies,something which we wouldn't see if we didn't test early

    some ladies can also go weeks past a due Af before a bfp

    everything crossed for yo chick x
  • Hi SD,

    I agree with MrsR, CD1 is always the first day of a fully flowing AF. I got my BFP (although it wasn't tmean to be ) 16 DPO and got BFN on 12DPO so hang in there.

  • I got a BFP on 13DPO (like Rainbow it sadly wasn't meant to be) but it was with a FR and was a very faint line, tested 14dpo with a CB and got "pregnant" so stay positive hun, have my fingers crossed for you xx
  • Sorry to hear that rainbow and huni, hope your both ok, yes am holding out till my period is late now.

    Good luck for next time and thanks x
  • Good luck hun, fingers crossed for ya!! xx
  • I tested 8,9,10,11,12 DPO and BFN 13 DPO BFP dont give up til AF shows her face!! xx
  • Thanks hun (maybe tmi) have a constant feeling to pee and feel wet down below frightened to go to the toilet incase its AF starting and will be absolutely gutted!!! xx
  • Ooh, good luck SD! xxx
  • Thanks hun all this SS does my head in keep thinking am gettin af symptoms now and am waiting for the witch but then shes a no show!!

  • Hey,

    i'm sorry i don't have any answers but I have my fingers crossed for you

  • Waht's the update ?? Did you test today ??

    Finger's crossed for you !!

  • Hi girls thanks for the replies - BFN this morning, af this evening at 6pm, went round to friends house greeted with am pregnant 9wks hubby and I were shocked and am super excited for them but I couldnt mask my disappointment in our news........am not a selfish person and most say I wear my heart on my sleeve but as I said it was only month 1 so onto MONTH 2 and will be putting every effort into it as I want to see BFP next time I test and not BFN, BFN!!!

    Thanks ladies xx
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