fao: canuckmom

Hey You, I'm back we got brave and decided to go for no2, Eek! aka LML just to confuse you, as if all this ttc is not hard enough, I have changed my name to for our new chapter on BE! Anyhow just wanted to say hello, this forum seems really nice although I hope we all get our BFP's really sooon and we can join pregnancy. Chat Soon Xx ;\)


  • hey you... welcome to the crazy world of ttc, again... :\)

    I wasn't in here the first time round b.c it happened so quickly but it is a nice forum esp. once you've been trying for a while. Pls. don't let our experience deter you - I wish so much more luck than we're having this time around. DH's work/travelling schedule doesn't help much either but I hope we're nearing the end of that very soon ... I think our next chance comes in August just in time for our 4th wedding anniversary so maybe we'll be lucky then :roll:

    So, are you nervous to have two? I am but dd will be over 3 by the time #2 shows up so fingers crossed the terrible two's will be over. I was holding my great-niece yesterday and she wasn't jealous either -- YAY!

    I'm sure your gorgeous dd will be a great big sis - wishing you loads of babydust hun!!

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