Anyone watch 13 kids and wanting more?

Wow, im amazed to see how well they seemed to cope! Ive got 5 children and ttc no 6 but mine are 22, 19, 11, 7 and 1 so its much easier to manage. My husband has allways worked (ive also worked at times) so although we cant afford holidays abroad my children never go without things they need or plenty of love! I really felt for the lady who did her pregnancy test and got a bfn! Although it made me laugh that she even needed to read the instructions after having 13 children already!! lol. xx


  • I thought the ?newcastle family and scotish one managed very well, but the other family i just didn't agree with. I thought it very bad the husband didn't work (with a PHD i'm pretty sure he could be providing better).. instead we the tax payer and feeding and clothing his children. I'm completely in favour of benefits, obviously being a mother to one i have them myself. I just thought he took the piss a bit. Lazy!! 3 years not working. He needs the snip asap too because his poor wife is knackered!!! The house was a state and most beds didn't even have sheets on them!! (i'm ranting aren't I) Other than that hats off to the other families, seem to provide and manage well. About 4 will do me lol xx
  • yeah watched it only cause my oh would like a big family and after watching that i only want to have 2 more we both have 1 each so 4 intotal will be enough for me i think plus with only him working right now money will be tight
  • Yes it not really right to keep having children if you cant provide for them! That dad said he spent between ??300/ ??400 per week on food, where on earth did he get that money from? xx
  • I thought it showed them up to be rather irresponsible. The family who had a new baby boy at the end seemed very loving, but they're still living in two council houses. I don't think you should be having that many children if you can't wholly support them yourself. The muslim guy was an absolute nutcase, his poor wife obviously wanted to stop having kids but it didn't seem he was going to let her - and the drain on the system for a family that needs to spend ??400 a week on basic food is complaetely unreasonable.
    I'd love to have a big family, I could happily have 5, but I'll never be able to afford it, so I won't. I sympathise with wanting to have a newborn baby but it seemed like an addiction that was masking some deeper insecurity to me.
  • i watched this purly because the scottish family with 13 (the one that got the BFN) lives in the same town as me.

    they where famous here before that!! lol!!

    they are lovely people who both work, the mum writes kids books, thats how she manages to stay at home, the husband is a civil servant i think!!!
    but god love her i couldn't do it!!! but having to read the instructions did make me laugh!!

    the family who didn't work i felt sorry for the mother who didn't appear to want any more but because of their religion was still having them, i think the health visitor was worried about her health!! but the husband just kept dismissing her!! well seeing its not him going through labour!!!
  • He got it from us!!!!! AAARRRGGGH lol xx
  • I just thought why am I worrying about affording number 2 when they're on 13!! 2 should be a breeze. Felt sorry for the wife that doesn't want any more, let her have a rest for pity's sake!!
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