Blue veins - preg symptom?


I was just wondering if blue veins on your breasts are a sign that I could be pregnant?

I looked at them this morning and had only one blue vein and tonight my boobs look like road maps!


  • i have read it is image good luck keep us posted image lol at roadmaps tho! hehe x
  • Yeah I have read that also hun that it can be a sign xxxx
  • i had this with my first pregnancy from about 9DPO until after i gave birth,

    good luck x
  • I had this last month when I got my BFP! Good luck xx
  • this was one of my first signs!! i got it about a week before my bfp image im now 5weeks and 3 days pregnant!
  • Thanx for all your replies! Well I tested this morning and got a very faint line, I hope I'm right in thinking a line is a line! Gonna test again tomorrow morning!!! I also got an implantation bleed 9DPO so I think its all looking positive! Wont fully believe it till I get a pregnant on a CBD! x
  • oooh wispering congrats x
  • oh wow congratulation!. . Bet your thrilled!
    Blue veins oh my gosh i looked tonight and+i have some new ones! And had pink stuff this am but nothin else! Big veins lol x x
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