Can anyone help guess my Ovulation date?

Hi Girls.
I need help !
My last period started on 21st June (morning) then i was doing a 32 mile sponsored walk so it stopped for the day and started again 22nd June (morning). My last 2 periods have lasted 24 days. When would you think my ovualtion dates would be?
Oh i need sprinkling with baby dust !


  • Try this site:

    Lots of luck and babydust
    Rachel x
  • im not sure hun but i read that you usually ov 14 days before you due af...saying that tho hun some women ov late in their cycle and some ov af was the same day as yours but i am on a 29 day cycle so according to an ov calculator im most fertile from the 4th to the 9th which is day 13 onwards and i usually ov on day 12 so its hard to say hun....i think ive waffled on and dont know if ive been much help!!

    im sending lots of pma and babydust to you hun

  • do you mean your last 2 cycles have been 24 days?? If so you should ov around day 10. Have you thought of using ov sticks? They say to test from day 7 until you get a positive.
  • I just dont get it all !! Its doing my head in..
    Its like, is it diff for me if i have shorter cycles do i ovulate sooner?
  • I used ov sticks last month but didnt think much to them really. We are just trying to do it everyday (sorry for tmi !!). Just wondering if i may have missed it because i was on holiday all last week and it was far too warm for all that ! So first day we bd'd was Sunday. 7 days after start of last period..
  • Yes you ov sooner. The luteal phase after ov (LP) lasts between 10-16 days in most women. It only varies by a day in most women. So for a 24 day cycle, you will ov between CD 8-14. HTH. xx
  • i would say if started bd'in from cd7 then you should be ok hun as you do have shorter cycles then yes technically you ov earlier but this may not always be the case! im not using ov sticks or anything and am just reading my body signs aswell as shaving my dates in my head...we r bd'in pretty much every other day anyway so that we r in with a chance. I wouldnt worry hun
  • I was speaking to Hubby tonight (as we were out walking) and i said right... Ill get home and get on Baby Expert there will be someone that knows all this Important stuff.
    Explain Luteal phase to me Mithical - you know your stuff !!
  • The 14 days before your period thing is not true. It's not even true if you have a regular 24 day cycle. It's anybody's guess when you ovulate.

    I have a 24 day cycle and I ovulate around day 15/16 giving me only 8 - 10 luteal phase.

    You'd be better off using ovulation tests from around day 10 until you get a positive, or charting your temperatures.
  • sorry - double post.

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  • No no no no !!!!

    if you have a short cycle it doesn't always follow that you ovulate earlier. This makes me so cross.

    read this

  • The luteal phase is the time between ovulation and you period starting, this part of your cycle can vary by a couple of days but generally stays the same so long as you don't have other fertility issues.
    so - I have a 24 day cycle and I regularly ovulate around day 15 or 16. I get my period about 8-10 days later.

    you may ovulate on day 10 and get your period 14 days later. or on day 12 and get your period 12 days later.

    sorry for posting repeatedly, I hadn't read all the thread when I first responded.
  • Thanks for all your help beanz!!
    Just want it to happen now !!
  • No need to get upset beanz. If you have a luteal phase less than 10 days I read (ie didn't make it up myself) that it is harder for implantation. I'm only repeating what I have read, and what others have read.

    I did give LMcD a choice of ov days. xx
  • did you try cheap ov sticks or the cbd ones?? I found the cheap ones useless but the cbd ones worked (typical as expensive) My cycles vary from 24 to 29 days so i have been using them for a while but have begun to get the hang of reading my own signals now i know what to look for. if the cbd ones work for you and your cycles are regular you should ov around the same time each month and so might only need to fork out once.
  • Yes that's true. sorry for being stressy, it's just that this myth is spread about and it ain't true.

    Yes, I am concerned about my luteal phase and annoyed that doctors just don't recognise it as a problem. My doctor says a week is fine which is not what I have read either. FWIW I am currently expereiencing a luteal phase of 11 days and rising.
  • Do you get other bodily indications e.g Egg white cervical mucus which is an indication of pending ovulation. It is clear and stretchy around the time of ovulation. This helps his army swim through to your egg when released!
  • I dont really notice if i am being totally honest ! Maybe i need to read my body signs more.
    As for now i will carry on bd'ing every night
  • This has really got me wonderin now. I hav a short cycle aroundc 22 days. last af on 23rd june so thought I was due to ov from sunday to yesterday. Had crampy af type pains but no ewcm. Have been using ov sticks but did'nt get a positive dark line just faint lines which today have almost disappeared. so is general opinion that maybe I may not have ov'd yet and it may still be to come?? Am due on af on 15th july so thought this was 2ww. Poor hubby hav bd'd every night, but think will have to cut bk to every other. Don't want to wear him out lol. xxx
  • Glad your same as me onemoremakes4. Its all too much to track/remember.
    Also been bd'd every night but cant keep up to it forever !!!!! image) (*blush)
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