My back aches!

I'm CD 21, 6 or 7 dpo. So have 8 days until the length of my shortest cycle.

I was on a night shift (boooo!), minding my own business, when I got REALLY bad (TMI) wind pain across my stomach. It started pain in my back as well. When the stomach pain went off, left me with af type backache! :\(

Have my usual 2ww niggles, and an ache (not really like af) in my abdo. But never had this before!

I'm going to get some sleep, if I can, but not a happy bunny at the moment! :\( :\( :\(

Thanks for reading my moan xx


  • Oh love, I hate back pain it does my head him. Try and have a nice hot bath that should help with the pain.

    You can moan to us anytime image


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