I got a positive on my ovulation kit yesterday but this morning bleedin and AF not due for another 2 wks wats the bleedin? bit confused . x


  • Is it full flow or just spotting? If just spotting can be a sign you are ovulating xx
  • no think it is a fukky fledged AF arrrr!!! x
  • What CD are you on?
  • Bella, I can't help other than to say I worked out I got my period on CD23 this month -about a week early. Madness!! Hugs to you. Hope you resolve it. Maybe ring your docs or NHS direct?
  • Bella, have you recently come off contraception? x
  • hiya, i had this wen i came off the pill, had my normal withdrwal bleed 3 days after pill, 28 days later had my AF and then 11 days aftre had another AF??? weird? im hoping that was the pill finally all coming out? im now CD12 since the last random AF. so see how this month goes i suppose. looks like we are in the same boat! good luck! i will let u no when she turns up again xxxx
  • I'm on CD 13 and this morning I had a little bleed. I had blood tinged CM last night, we BD last night, then there was little bit of blood in the loo this morning.
    Coincidentally this morning I had an appointment at the hospital for a smear follow up with a gynaecologist, and I asked him about this and said it was nothing to worry about. He actually said its a very good sign I'm ovulating and fertile.
    Hope that helps. I've been worrying too!

    Have a read of this......
  • mine was like a whole heavy AF (5 days long and heavy) image dunno about bella10s?
  • im on day 4 of AF and its still really heavy, yer just come of the implant 3 weeks ago and this is my second AF in 3 wks. x
  • i would try not to worry if u have recently come off contraception, and wait for ur cycles to regulate as withdrawal from contraception does really really strange things to your body, i have had EWCM one day bleeding the next, and im still waiting for proper AF im about CD60 now! xxxx
  • ta ladies just gonna go wi the flow but its so hard i want to be pregnant now im so impatient haha x
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