Actualy scared to go to sleep- UPDATE

I am scared that AF will be here in the morning...! So scared to go to the toilet as well. I just want our BFP to stay so badly!!!!!!

I honestly thought i would be able to chill out this month after lasts months chemical pregnancy but no i am probably even worse. If AF arrives then i am swearing to not test early next month i promise!!!!!!!
Sorry no reason for this post just scared and i knew you would all understand.

Just got back from walking the dogs and AF seems to have arrrived at CD31 (so right on time), POAS again this morning and the second line was even fainter today. Its exactly like last month, why does the test have to show the second line and then [email protected]@dy AF arrives.....!?!?! Not sure how much longer i can do this its breaking my heart every month. Onto month 9 now.......!

Honestly thought it might have been ok this month but was wrong again. Now i actually men this- not testing early ever again!!!! No earlier than CD35 from now on......!!!!! I mean it...:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

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  • aw huni.. if only everyone new wt us ttc;ers go thru!! ill keep everything crosed for u over night image just like xmas as a child, the sooner u go to sleep, the sooner you will wake up!! xxx
  • Is ur af due tomoz? X
  • Oh hun that is so sh*t. I really thought it would be ok for you. So sorry and just wish I had something useful to say.

    ((((big hugs))))

    Take care xxx
  • ohhh i am sooo sorrry for that image

    No more testing early :/
  • Oh trying, i'm so sorry.
    It really is heartbreaking image
  • i get annoyed with myself very month. but i cant believe wwe are onto month 9 already!!!!
    xxthanks for your lovely messages...x
  • oh no! that is rubbish. I think we should ban early testing with FR as they seem to be causing heartache all over BE this month image
    Hope you are feeling ok xx
  • I just wanted to say I had 2 chemical pregnancies in a row so can totally sympathise. It sucks big time image
    I had the same attitude - never testing early again....and I didn't. Our bodies just have very evil ways of getting our hopes up and then letting us down so badly.
    I really hope you get your BFP soon

    Big hugs

    PP84 x
  • Hi girls

    Af seems to have stopped odd but not thinking anything just seeing how it goes. Had some bright watery spotting and then some older brown blood but nothing since then!? Still having AF like pains though.

    Guess i have to wait and see now????
  • Could be implantation! Really hope it is your month and you get your BFP soon!
  • I am honestly not gettng my hopes up but you never know do
  • oh i'm so sorry, big hugs
    hopefully like the others say it's implantation - pma!!
    i had a chem preg in feb and it's so gutting, said i'd never test early after that. that's the prob with these early tests, they say up to 50% pregnancies are lost before af arrives, and we wouldn't know if didn't test. BUT, at least it shows you can get pregnant
    really hoping it's implantation xxx
  • I am def not testing early again! Not sure what is going on at the moment though!?!?!xxx
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