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Does this have to be used with FMU if testing early?


  • would deffinatly use FMU if testing early, but doesnt always have to be, just depends how strong your hcg is.

  • Just got the info thing out and it says you can use it to test early at any time of day but i always thought had to be FMU.
    Am 10DPO
  • i think you'll be more likely to pick up hcg with fmu...but as it says you dont have too, but personally id use fmu to avoid a disappointment that maybe i didnt have to? But good luck when you do decide to test =)
  • Am very tempted but am going to wait till tomoro morning.
    I shall be good lol
  • hehe good luck, i know how you feel, im 7dpo and dying to poas!!! xxxx
  • you having any symptoms yet?
  • only feeling more tired than normal really...i never had anything until about 6 weeks with DS tho, and no sickness until 8 weeks, so may not be a bad thing! lol

    Im not getting to optimistic as its our 1st month so will be very lucky to get a bfp so quick (though i know it happens!)

    How about yourself, are you getting anything? xx
  • Ohhh thats alright then lol.
    This is our 1st month ttc too since our 2nd mmc in September.
    With my last 2 pg's i caught first time round and feeling lucky again this time, but hope this will be a sticky bean.
    Keep up PMA hun, it could happen for you image
    Have been really tired
    Having the off few niggly pains in abdomen and lower back
    Had felt a litle sick but on and off
    my boobs were a little sore
    Then today at 10DPO...
    Feeling really sick since i woke up
    Feeling really dizzy/faint, even when sitting down
    Had AF pains quite bad, then had slight spotting too but nothing to make me think it was an early AF
    My boobs are feeling bigger and fuller and got HUGE veins lol

    So am feeling positive lol
    Really hoping for a BFP in the morning at 11DPO
  • Also had high temps, congested nose and last night real crazy dreams which kept waking me up
    forgot bout them lol
  • Good luck Em_Lou! I got a BFP with our ds at 10dpo (but have always had a short luteal phase) and will be testing tomorrow at 12dpo hoping for number 2! x
  • ohhh hopefully we can both share a BFP tomoro then hun image
    Shall be thinking of you image
    You had any symptoms yet?
  • The only symptoms I've had are some niggly cramps and increased cm. This is month 6 though and I've got my hopes up before so I'm trying to remain calm!! x
  • ahhh got my fingers crossed for you hun image
    Shall be on tomoro to share if i have a BFP or BFN lol
    Hoping to see a BFP for you hun
    Good luck
  • Fingers crossed for you too! I'm using first response as well! x
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