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I've always thought i didn't want a baby or i put obstacles in my way. How would we manage financially , our flat is too small, how would i get the pram up the stairs ,do i even want one, how will i cope with the demands on my time etc etc etc. I'm now 33 and this weekend it just hit me like a thunderbolt i really really want a baby infact i want it now i don't want to wait, it's really strange where this has all come from.
If you had asked me the same question last weekend i would have said no, is this normal to suddenly want one badly


  • Oh yes welcome aboard the rollercoster ride lucy nice to meet you. Last christmas i was the same didnt want a baby then its as if you get up one day and thats all you think about! So are you gona start trying?

    Jen xxx
  • period due this week but after that yes............i think. Scared as hell though i worry constantly.
  • Well everyone on here is fab, if youve got any questions theres always someone here to help.

    Good luck jen xxxxx
  • What concerns me most is money we only just manage just now as it (bf has another child so we pay maintenance).Is it like everyone says u do find a way financially??
  • Im in same boat as you i have a stepdaughter but i think if you think that way you will never do it and always find an excuse! I think you will always manage a child doesnt need really expensive stuff aslong as theyve got the basics and a lot of love then your sorted.

    jen xxx
  • hi Lucy, I'm feeling the same (ttc our first) but you just have to manage, don't you? we're looking at it as a matter of priorities and we are really longing for a baby, so we'll adjust our spending to cope....somehow! image
  • When i had my first we were not that well off. Just scraping by but we were happy and in love and just felt the time was right. Can honestly say although it was hard it was one of the best decisions of my life. Can't imagine being without him now. Actually now our circumstances have changed and we r better off, hubbie had to think this time whether we should have another(still has days when he's not 100% sure). Would do it all again as well. Filo x
  • I don't know what we can cut back on though.See there i go again putting obstacles in my way. Another thing that is stressing me out, i have a fiat punto do prams fit in the boot does anyone know, can't afford to change my car either!!!!
  • You just make do. Go to nct sales, buy 2nd hand, borrow from friends who have been pg. Family bought us the crib and clothes and so did workmates. You can get prams in all sizes and weights nowadays also. Filo x
  • Lucy,

    I have a Fiat Panda and the pram fits fine... Can't get mucg else in the boot, but we manage! No one can really 'afford' kids, but you will manage. You'd be amazed at how helpful and generous friends and family are when there is a baby on the way.
  • right that's it mind made up.......i'm going to go for it. I've been reading some of the other forums....god some men r arseholes i know that my OH has more time for kids than he does adults, so getting him to spend some time with the baby wouldn't be an issue
  • woo hoo you go girl. Oficially welcome to the ttc club!!
    Good luck and heres your first sample of babydust. Filo x
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