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stressed and annoyed

Hi all, i am back after 6 months of hubb being in Afghan we are back on the baby making wagon. But i am majorly fed up and annoyed.
So called friends are driving me mad. they all keep bitching and arguing and trying to bring me into it all. we recently found outa friend of ours cheated on her husband. my husband and i are keeping out of it coz our attitudr is their lives let them deal with it. But other friends keep bitching about it and getting involved and coz i am friends with al of them i am being pulled in all directions all because my attitude is "everyone makes mistakes, if her husband forgives her then its no one elses business". i have enough on my plate with worrying how my husband is coping after 6 months in a war zone (he wont talk bout his feelings of losing friends and friends being seriously injured) without having to think about so called friends talking about me behind my back. and a few of them gone to one of their houses for wine, nibbles and a chat tonight and i wasnt even asked if i was busy or not. not even heard from them for few days.
i feel like crying at the minute, my husband says "f**k em they aint worth it" but its easy for him to say he not stuck in middle of it all. and its my birthday in a month and we were all meant to be out for girly fancy dress night but dont think it'll be happenng if none of them can bear to be in same room. AF started the day after my husband got back too which is annoying so think that making me upset more coz hormones are everywhere,
Just wish i could know who my true friends are so i can tell the others where to get off!!!
Sorry for the rant but i really do get worked up about it!! xxx


  • hiya charlie, glad hubby is back for some serious baby making image sounds like ur being pulled in about 10 directions! bless ya! well done for standing ur ground and not bitching about anyone, and staying neutral. if these people leave you out, bcoz u refuse to bitch about people behind there backs and u have a different opinion, then like ur husband says theyre not worth it hunni. this will all blow over by ur bday anyways im sure, they will just find something new to bitch about. they will get over it image try not to get worked up, i no its hard. maybe concerntarte on u and ur hubby for a couple of weeks until the dust settles? hope ur ok, u can always vent on here image hugs xxxxxxxxxxx
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