Those trying for a while - don't go!!

I'm on month 4 so far. Everyone seems to be either getting bfp or deciding not to come on anymore... don't go and abandon me girls!!!


  • know how u feel honey alot of ppl come and go its sad to be left behind but i'm sure it'll happen soon!!!!
  • Hi Lucille

    I am still here, although I am hoping that in 10 days I too will get my BFP!

    It will happen for all of us eventually I am sure.

  • I'm still here too and like you have been trying for what feels like forever... well most of my 30's and I'm 34 for next month (EEEK image )

    I've got my fingers crossed for all of us long timers xxx
  • Its certainly a tough ride ttc but i can understand why some people need a break from here for a while. It can make things a little intense when you find youself checking with everybody if your aches and pains could possibly mean anything. It is really sad though when people go, anyways im sure youll all be glad to know that im staying put, you cant get rid of my that easily!! He, he. xx
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