So irritable tonight - Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Hi Ladies!!

Well I am just sooooooooo irritable tonight!!! I can be a bit moody every now and again but not like this! Feel really sorry for myself and think the whole world is against me!! Poor old hubby is treading on egg shells and I told him, I am going to be really unreasonable tonight and I just dont care!!:image

I am on CD25 today so it may be that AF is on the way but dont usually get like this - Have got a permanent frown on my face!!

Sorry, just felt like a bit of a rant!


  • Rant all you like hon!! Maybe if its unusual for you a BFP might be on the way?!

    Have you got any choc or something that could maybe help perk you up?!?!

    Maybe you need to get a punchbag or something...
  • Awwww bless ya hon....know exactly how you feel...apart from I dont normally get unreasonable I just go really miserable & quiet!!! Get told off by OH for not talking to him, just like last night when I just knew AF was on its way!

    Big hugs hon, I'm sure it'll get batter soon!! image

  • Ah thanks ladies!!! The worst thing is I walked in the house and looked for something to have a good moan about!!!! Hubby has gone to have a shower, think he is too scared to say anything to me!!:lol: You should have seen me when i spilt rice all over the floor!!!! Good god, i scared for my own safety!!!!!image

    I am feeling a little bit better now - Doubtful its BFP but can always dream.

    Thanks for the support ladies xxxx
  • oh no i hate feeling like that

    and i tell everyone just to stay clear let me have peace and dont even talk to me lol usually after 10-15 mins i feel better :lol:
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