Hi there

I'm sorry to keep asking stupid questions, I am getting better though - honest.

AF came properly today so I just wanted to ask if I use today as my first day and when should I expect to ovulate? Hubby not keen on buying ov tests at the min.

Thank you

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  • hey sweety.
    If today is the first day of full flow then count it as cd1. How long are your cycles normally? If you have a 28 dya cycle then normally around about the 14th ish. You can use your cm to help you figure it out - it will get stringy just before OV so you need to do lots of BD then!!
    Good luck x
  • Hi Snugglenush

    Thank you for your reply, I'm not sure about cycle yet as this is first off pill. I will keep an eye on my days thouhg - thank you

    V : )
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