Questions about CBFM

This is my first cycle using the CBFM. Am currently on Day 8 and today I got my first high! I wasn't expecting a high so soon, is Day 8 normal to get a high?! Also, seeing as I have no clue, do we bd on all of the high days aswell as the peaks? or just every other high day and the peaks?! Or maybe just one of the high days?!

From a very confused Sarah (Sorry if I sound stoopid I just want my BFP!!!) x


  • Hi Hun,

    I was the same on my first month using it. I got my high very soon too so i wouldn't worry about that. You want to BD as much as poss but you could do with giving your OH's "seed" a bit of a chance to rehydrate so i would recommend BDing every 2-3 days on the highs and you will only get 2 peaks so BD on both peaks if you can. Luckily on my first month i BD'ed and then the next day got my peak. I didn't get my BFP though :\(

    Please don't be down if it takes a few months for your BFP cause i know so many women who expect it on the first or second cycle and it does sometimes happen but also sometimes it takes that long for the CBFM to get used to you. Good Luck and hope to see your BFP post soon image xx
  • Thanks for your reply Tink. I am already on month 5 of ttc but this is 1st time using cbfm as I clearly ovulate at a different time to what I think!! And yes it is very frustrating and heartbreaking :\(

    Am feeling quite positive this month tho and am really hoping for a bfp soon. Thank you for your advice re when to bd and regarding the high! I hope I get my peaks soon!! Good luck to you too and hope u get ur bfp real soon too x
  • Thanks hun, i have got rid of my CBFM but i do recommend them. I got my peak on my first cycle on CD17 which i never expected but then on my second cycle i only got highs and no peak which got me down a little. Plus i am on CD44 now and i am assuming i havent OV'ed yet so i thought maybe charting etc was for me rather than the CBFM. I have been TTC for 18 months now so i understand the frustration and heartbreak but i am sure we will get our BFP soon image xxx
  • Ah bless ya. I'm sure our bfp's are just around the corner!! Lots of pma and baby dust coming your way.........x
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