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Persona Monitor Clan?

Hello ladies, not been on for a while so hope everyone is ok and keeping the PMA going,

So is there such a following? We could have a kind of cyber space dance off against the Cleablue Monitor Clan! :lol: I have started to use my persona monitor this month and just wondered if anyone else was and how you were getting on, with the monitor or just in general?
TT x


  • Hi Topsyturvey,
    Sorry only just saw this post. I have a Persona Monitor and used it for first time last month. Had lots of red days. No af yet and on cd31ish i think so hope it comes soon or i won't be able to use it. Its very easy to use and understand tho. I never did get an O sign tho in first month are you meant to???
  • hi Ladies
    I used it properly for first time last month. had all the red and green days and the 0 on the 2 ov days. i missed bd on the 0 days and around these as OH was away on business and to my complete and utter shock i got my BFP!!

    my advice is they are good to give you an idea of when ov but for me not completely accurate - good luck hope you get your BFP soon xxxx
  • Gatecrashing as I'm a CBFM user!! Just wanted to see what you guys were chatting about, seems pretty similar. We talk about lows, highs and peaks with eggs and you guys talk about greens, reds and O's!!

    Anyway my reason for butting in is Wannabemummy, I'm sure I read somewhere that sperm can live for up to five days inside, so maybe you had a couple set up camp to wait for your egg!!

    I think the CBFM says that BD on the high and peak days increases your chances and BD on low days is unlikely...but not impossible. So its not over until AF arrives!!!
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