confused, please may i have some advice?

Hi Ladies

I'm not sure if anyone one can help me really but im very confused and looking for some advise if possible please.

This is my first month using CBFM I came off the pill in July and my cycles have been random since then, average of 35 days long, CBFM tells me I am on day 28 today and I had to peaks on days 19 and 20 so I guess that would make me 10 DPO.

I'm confused coz the CBFM handbook says that the monitor will tell me when AF is due, however since my peaks I have only been asked to POAS 3 times so I have no idea how it will know, can anyone shed any light on this for me please. Also since yesterday I have had period like pains, they started off differently to what im use to but now are just like AF however I don't see AF and I think it would be to early anyway.
I did a HPT this morning (one of the very early ones) and it was negative, but then when I went to bin it there was a faint line that appeared to be a positive, but this was about another 10 mins after the cut off time so I don't suppose I can really go by it so will probably test again at the weekend if AF doesn't come, 10 DPO is a bit early anyway right?

Sorry if I have gone on a bit, im just confused - thank you for reading



  • Hi,
    I've no idea re CBFM but from what you are saying maybe leave it a few more days and test again. Some ladies have got their BFP 12DPO but obviously the longer you can hold out testing the clearer the result will be.
    Good luck xxx
  • hiya im not really sure about monitors but just wanted to add that I actually got 3 bfns before my af was due. I tested 2 days after af and had a bfp, which means i didnt get my bfp till 14dpo and had a bfn at 10dpo and a bfn at 7 dpo (which i know is very early anyway!lol)

  • thanks ladies,

    im just worried i guess encase AF turns up which means that my LP would only have been about 11 days which can cause problems, fingers crossed this isnt the case.

    im wondering now if the test from this morning means anything at all - this waiting buisness is a nightmare isnt it!

    i guess i will just have to be patient and chill.

    Any guidence with the CBFM stuff would be great though...

    thanks again and baby dust to ALL

  • Hi LittleBug

    The CBFM will start to flash "m" at you on the monitor about 12 or 13 days after your first peak... it does this to everyone so it wont need you to POAS to tell you when your period is due because your period will be due a couple of weeks after your first peak.
    If you got your peaks on CD19 & CD20 - then PLEASE try and wait till CD33 or 34 to test coz that's pretty much when you should get AF. The "m" will start flashing at you a few days before that though, so dont think that as soon as you get an "m" your period should be due.... coz mine never came till the 3rd day of "m" flashing.


  • I was a CBFM user before getting my BFP and swear by them. It works by asking you to PAOS in cycles of 10 sticks, either using 10 or 20 sticks each month. This is irrelevant really because as soon as CBFM records a peak reading, the readings that follow (another peak, 1 high and then lows) are all automatic. (A tip - if you want to save some money, pee on an old stick after you get your first peak and I promise you'll still get the same readings!)

    Your 'm' button will start flashing automatically, probably in the next day or two but again this is automatic and is not a true reflection of when it is actually due, it's just a warning to you that it's approaching. As you use CBFM more it will get more used to your cycles and will more accurately predict AF, though I hope you aren't using it that long image

    If you got your first peak reading on CD19 then at CD28 you would be 9DPO, which is really too early to do a HPT. Also remember that your cycles are on average 35 days, which means that AF is still not due for another week. If you can hold out until AF is late then you'll get a more accurate reading from your HPT. I certainly wouldn't recommend testing again for at least 4 days, say until you are 13DPO as a BFP is more likely to show after this time.

    With regard to LP, mine was 11 days and it didn't do me any harm. Try not to worry and let CBFM do the work for you, hope this has helped. Wishing you lots of luck xx
  • Hi Broody and Lawso

    thank you for the infomation and guidence, i feel much better since reading you advise- i guess i was just unsure as to what to expert. I hope this waiting stuff gets a little bit easier as you get to know whats going on lol

    I was just worried by the period like pains. I guess though its just too early to tell either way.

    thank you - have a great weekend xx xx
  • No problem, pleased to have been able to reassure you slightly. Can't say the waiting gets any easier with time but CBFM will take a lot of the guess work out of your cycle. Fingers crossed they aren't period pains and are implantation ones instead! Take care xx
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