Did Agnus Castus mess up anyone's cycles??

Hello ladies!

I normally a have a 34 day cycle, anyway am on cd38 (test cd37) and bf n.
Only thing i've done diff this month is take AC for the first couple of weeks up to when I thought i should be ovulating.

Anyway, got some ewcm on the 4th Jan (cd26) so now thinking i may have ovulated a week late - anyone else had this with AC? xxx


  • Hey chick!
    Havn't posted on here in agggeess! But wanted to reply as I took AC for a couple of weeks about six months ago. Lots of people have had positive experiences with AC but it just didnt do the trick for me. I took AC for the first few weeks of what I thought was a short cycle, it gave me lots of ov symptoms EWCM, mood swings, back ache etc-but I didnt get AF for quite a while after (a good couple of months).

    My periods are terribly irregular though-so im sure this wont be the case for you. I hope you just have a shy bean waiting to show! It sounds to me like you possibly ov'd on 4th Jan. Like I say lots of women have a great experience with AC-but I wouldnt use it again in fear of messing up my cycles.


  • i was having 32-45 day cycles and the month i took agnus castus my cycle lasted 62 days!!!! i didnt take it again. the month after the 62dayer i ov'd on day cd25, wich would have been a 39d cycle (so much less that the AC cycle) but got my bfp that month. hth
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