Newbie but really an oldie

Hi girls

I was on here about a year ago when hubby and I decided to try for a baby, after 4 months of trying we decided we couldn't afford to have a baby yet and that it wasn't the right time. Ever since I have been getting more and more broody each month, and I thought it was about time I returned to the ttc chat rooms!

I see there are many newbies, and a few familar names.

So I'm now back to go through the ups and downs with you all again....well not literally!! image

Lots of love



  • welcome back image

    I hope ur stay here is not for long and leave with a BFP
  • Welcome back. I was in a similar position as you but with the added part of falling out of love with my husband due to various reasons, mainly money as I paid mortgage etc for 3 years on my own due to his debt and I was more like his mother looking after him not his wife. I am now back too going through divorce but with my new partner and so much happier than I was and can't wait to TTC! xx

  • Shoegal - glad you are happier and back in the ttc gang!

    I can't wait to ttc properly without the money worries, we still have them but I figure if we wait until we are financially ready then we will never have a baby!

  • happy ur back hope u get ur bfp soon xx
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