First Response V. CBD

Hi all, well I caved and tested yesterday with a FR, got the faintest of faint pink line. Today I used my CBD, and it was 'Not Pregnant' (ouch! How can two little words hurt so much?!)

So now I dont know where I am. AF was due last Tuesday, still no sign.

Im feeling slightly nauseous still at random times during the day, boobs a bit tender and fuller, but have still got pre-af type bloating. Sometimes my coffee tastes fine, other times I cant drink it, and certain smells randomly make me feel queasy. :\? Oh, and I seem to have quite a bit of CM.

I was hoping the CBD would get rid of the doubt as it was a very faint line on FR (def colour tho,not evap) but instead of that it has just caused more confusion! Grrr!

Anyone got any ideas, or had anything similar? xxx


  • I haven't got any ideas I am afraid but was wondering if people reacted differently between different tests? I have tried ebay, FR and boots own - all BFN, and was wondering about trying CBD - but wasn't sure cos of the cost if it is another BFN! My AF was due 8 days ago so I am in the same boat as you!
  • Hi BB4, CBD are not that sensitive so if you got a line on a FR i suggest you test again with another one of them tomorrow or another sensitive brand. Hope you get another line.
  • Hi BB4, CBD are not that sensitive so if you got a line on a FR i suggest you test again with another one of them tomorrow or another sensitive brand. Hope you get another line.
  • I did get a BFP on CBD at 10dpo but for me it took a long time for "Pregnant" to come up compared with how rapidly the pink line came up on a Frist Response.

    This site is American so doesn't list all the brands we're familiar with, but you can see that CBD is less sensitive than First Response because it can only detect 50 mIU as opposed to FR's 25mIU :

    So it could just be that you're not producing enough hCG yet. It's not over yet!!
  • I hope so xx
  • Access Diagnostics's tests (you can find it if you Google) are reaaaaaaally cheap at about ??7 for 25 tests and claim to be one of the most sensitive tests on the market at 10mIU. They gave me my very first positive at 10dpo.

  • Hi BB4,

    Glad to see you are back! How have you been this week? I see you still have the pg symptoms and a faint line on the FR is very promising!! I have been wondering about you all week, the fact that AF still hasnt arrived is definately looking positive - as if the + on the pg test isnt!!! :lol:

    Are you testing again tomorrow then?

  • I did FR and it came up with a very faint line. i then did a CBD and it took ages but came up BFP. I ahve since done FR again 5 dyas later and its very pink and CBD came up really quickly!!
    Test again in 2 days x
  • thank u all for your replies! image

    Immense, tho I dont wish this on anyone it is nice to have some company in limbo-land! :lol:

    PTB, thanks for the info hun, I was under the impression that CBD were quite sensitive as I remembered that you had had an early BFP with one. I have been thinking about ordering some of those AD tests, may just do it....

    (It did cross my mind that the FR may have picked up leftover hormone from the mc?)

    mrsS, how are you hun?! Nice to hear from you again! I see our 'breaks' from BE didnt last that long! :lol: How are you doing?

    I will definately be testing again soon if af doesnt show up and spoil things! As I got a neg today, I will prob leave it until Wed/Thus. Should give the hormone enough time to build up (if theres any there! )

    Watch this space!

    Thanks again for your support! xxxxx
  • Hi all
    I posted a similar post a few days ago about first response tests on the pregnancy forum and had 4 relies to say they had BFP with first response before af due, but 2 girls also said they had had BFP with tescos ones before period due, i was quite shocked at this. They are half the price of FR so may be worth a try, I got some first response from boots friday on BOGOF so only paid 1095 for 4 Bargain! Goodluck immense and babybump and hope you get a definate BFP soon. xxx
  • OMG wantingbaby, I bought some FR today ready to test again tomorrow, but they werent on BOGOF at my Boots!!!!! I feel cheated now!!! :x :lol:
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