Oh dear...

Well, entering month 2 of TTC and I am going to try(!!!) and completely relax about things this month, not tracking my CDs etc. It may be wishful thinking, but Im going to try my hardest, just popping on here every now and then to check how everyone is getting along. Hubby has even confiscated my bulk of ebay pg tests, bless him!!!!! Oops, oh well, that should help but also, if Im ever late again, I will NOT test until at least 4 days late as that is how long this last cycle lasted causing a lot of angst and used tests...

Congratulations to all those who have had their BFPs over the past couple of days, what a boom hey?! Lets hope this next month will be as productive!!!!! image


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  • good luck trying to stay off here!!! Keep in touch
  • Good luck MrsS, hope the plan works and you can be more chilled this month!

    Take care, and dont be a stranger ;\) xx


  • Thanks peeps! It really isnt easy staying away... image

    BB4 - how are you doing today? Only one day till testing right?

  • Technically yes, but I am thinking of taking a rain check on testing tomorrow as I really dont think we have done it. Im about 99% certain that af is on her way 'cos nausea had all but disappeared, coffee tasting fine and I am really bloated (as I get b4 af).

    Im thinking I may save my tests and wait another week or so. :roll: xx


  • Ah, BB4, I really am going to have to keep checking on here regularly then to see how you get on - and everyone else of course! Quite amusing really as hubby has hidden my pg tests and I have hidden his cigerettes!! hehe

    Good luck and let us know how you get on

  • ha ha! Nice one! I wonder who will crack first? Oh the joys of addiction! :lol: xx


  • good luck mrsS - hope you manage to relax! make sure you come back here the second you get your BFP though!!! july is nearly here woooohoo!!!

    bb4 it isn't over yet! everything is crossed for you, lots of pma xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Good luck, hope it works. Sx
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