i might be rejoining you

hey everyone

just to say there is a strong chance i will be rejoining you very soon as i had a scan yesterday (i should be around 9 weeks) but there was nothing in the sac. so i'm being re-scanned next week to see if anything has changed.

so i'm in limboland at the moment i don't know where to put myself so i thought i would say hi again to everyone in here as it is very likely i will be returning. part of me is saying i will need to be more relaxed and not bother with ov sticks etc when we start again but i know i will end up losing my patience and start POAS.

hope everyone is well and that you all get your BFPs soon



  • i'm so sorry that this is happening, nothing anyone says will make this easier but i'm here if you need to talk or just off load, my thoughts are with you and your dp xxx
  • That's awful Mrs e. I know how you are feeling because that happened to me. It is truly heart rendering to say the least, especially to find out after 9 weeks. I hope they see the foetus the second time around - will keep my fingers crossed for you. When is your appointment next week?
  • In the nicest possible way I hope you don't re-join us. I'm so sorry that you are left in that situation till next week, I hope the time goes fast as limboland is awful. Don't worry about opk's and all that business for now just take care of yourself, I'll be thinking of you xxx
  • hi i am so sorry to hear wot ur goin through ,it happened to me 2 in Nov 07,thinking of u.xx
  • Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear this Mrs e.I hope that the sack has an embryo in it next week, what a long time to have to wait to find out. Please look after yourself. Best wishes, Helen.xx
  • So sorry to hear your news. Hope they do find something next week and that you don't have to come back to us. Take care.
  • Sorry to hear your news. I hope that your scan next week has good news for you.
    All the best.xxx
  • thank you everyone image

    my scan is wednesday so i will know one way or the other.
    but i think i do know.

    you girlies are great thank you for your support xxx
  • Hi mrs_e, how you doing chick? Well I mc last night. It all came away and now Im not sure what I will do. Most of me wants to start trying again as soon as possible, but a little part of me is so scared that it will happen again. Im 39 now so my age is against me from the viewpoint of ttc and further mc. But I think my maternal instinct will win, and I will be joining the ttc forum very soon. Really hope you dont need to hun (in the nicest way!). Take care, and tons of luck for Weds. xx
  • Sorry to hear your news. I really hope it is not final and you get good news next week. I know what you are going through x x
  • Sorry to hear your news. I really hope it is not final and you get good news next week. I know what you are going through x x
  • Awwwwwwwwww. Mrs_e. That is so sad. Its just so awful going through this without knowing what is happening. I sincerely hope that all is well at your next scan. Please keep in touch and let us know how things are going. Good luck. And also for you babybump4, so sorry to hear you have mc. Hope things get easier for you with time. You'll never forget your little bean and i hope that another little bean will be along soon for you. God bless, bluebird xxxx
  • Oh hun Im so sorry to hear this and I hope that it turns out well for you. I also know how you are feeling as I went through a similar experience, my little beanie grew v slowly we eventually found it at 10 weeks but its little heart never started. I really hope your lo is ok and if not you know we are all here xxx
  • Oh sweetie, so sorry to hear this and hope that the next scan is more positive. Good luck and we're always here to talk.
  • Awww mrs e, im so so sorry to hear your news i hope your little bean is clinging on tight and that you get good news at your scan. Im keeping everything crossed for you. xxx Babybump4, im really sorry to hear of your mc, it must be a terrible time for you. Take some time to heal and try again when you feel ready. See you on here soon xxx
  • I am so sorry to hear both your news my thoughts are with you both.

    k xxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi Mrs_e. Just wanted to let you know that i will be thinking about you tomorrow and really hope that this was just a scare and nothing to worry about. Please keep in touch. lots of love, bluebird xxxx
  • Good luck with your scan today. hope your little bean is there.
    Praying for you x
  • good luck honey, got fingers crossed for you!!

    perhaps you ov'd later than you think??
    take care
  • Good luck hunny, i went through the same boxing day 06 and unfortunately mine wasn't a happy ending. I know how you're feeling.
    Everything is crossed here for good news for you. Take care
    Megs xx
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