Another silly question sorry

Ok so I stop my pill on the 30th of this month normally come on 4 days after I stop the pill and we will be trying right after I stop my AF.

Does that mean I can test at the end of may?? or not?



  • hmmm...thats a difficult one? do u know wat ur cycles were b4 the pill?

    When i came off the pill i aimed for a 28 cycle then when no af tested then tried 30 (did get my bfp)......
    Unfortunatly u may have to just wait and test this time until u know ur cycle length or get a bfp!!!

    Good luck honey!
  • well you can! it might not be right as you won't know if your cycles are regular. You count your cycle from day one of your af, so if you count 28 days from then they you'd be due again if you have 28 day cycles and they go regular straight away!
  • Ok thank girls i think I will have to just go for it at first as I can't remember what AF was like before i started the pill.


    k xxx
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