Random question - for marrieds

Hi all,
Totally random and fairly pointless question, just being nosey really!
I was wondering for those of you that are married - how long did you wait before TTC?
I got married this June and I want to start TTCing now - but hubby wants to wait a year.
We are currently negotiating!!


  • Hiya. I have been married for just over a year now and have started ttc this minth. We thought we'd give it a year to enjoy being married,go on holidays and do up the house.also to get ourselves in a better place financially after the wedding. As we put it back then -we wanted a little time to enjoy just being married.xxx
  • we got married in sept 08 and started trying that july, unfortunatly we didnt concieve until april 09 and had my son dec 09, we are now try for no2 and will have been married 2 years next month x
  • We got married in August 07, started trying in Jan 08, fell pg in May 08 and had Abi in Jan 09. We are now ttc no2 and have been married 3yrs.
  • We got married Jan 09 and started trying in May 09, hubby wanted to wait a bit longer but I wore him down!!!! Body clock - tick tock!!
  • lol hiya, me and hubs got married in may, and started ttc in jan, hubs also wanted to wait a yr, i also negotiated lol and now hes just as desperate as me to get pg lol good luck xxxx
  • Hiya, married 22nd August last year and our little one is 12 and a half weeks old!!!

    So if you do the maths we began trying straight away, no time like the present!

    We had lived together for a few years and I don't regret our decision - how could I, my little boy is delicious xxx
  • We started trying in Jan 08, got married in the June and fell pregnant in the August.

    We're now *just* expecting number 2 and we've been married 2 years!

    Good luck x
  • Hiya,

    We got married in June this year and we started trying straight away. I came off the pill in March and was going to start trying then but then decided it wasnt a good idea with having already had my dress, feeling ill on the wedding, going on honeymoon etc. So we were careful up until after the wedding and then thats when we have tracked fertile days and made sure we did it on the 'right' days. I am due to test next Thursday! I honesetly think that there will always be 'something' that could put you off having a baby, e.g. money, career. Im very ambititous and career-minded and thats never going to change so now is as good a time as any! Also, you never know how long you could be trying for. It could take a year and so much can happenen in that time.

    Aliy x
  • Just shy of a year for us. We both felt the time was right. X
  • We got married August 09 and started trying 3 months ago for number 1. X
  • We got married in the Oct 09, came off the pill in Nov and stopped using any other contraception in May. I would say as soon as you are both ready - start, it might take longer than you expect.
  • We got married in August 09 and been trying ever since with no luck. So I agree with MrsEH, start when you feel ready as it might take a lot longer than you expect(although I keep my fingers crossed for you that it won't because it is a painful experience)
  • We got married August 09 (after 10 years together!) and started trying in May. Hubby wanted a year to enjoy being married, and we moved to a bigger "family" house in february, and i just wore him down from then, hehe. I didn't want to pressure him into anything before he was ready, kind of why it took us 10 years to get married...
  • We got married in June. Hubby wanted me to come off the pill before the wedding but I wanted to wear my lovely dress and enjoy our honeymoon without worrying about drinking, coming on etc. At first I wanted to wait a few months before trying but I came off the pill straight after the honeymoon (kept on forgetting to take them, which I never do so I think my subconscious was telling me I wad ready...)And now I think about little else than how I can't wait to have a baby. Tbh it's taken me quite by surprise how strong the maternal urge is, even though I have always wanted children. I think it just depends when you are ready, there's no real formula.
  • We got married April 08 & our daughter was a honeymoon surprise so unexpected but we were very happy of course. She is now 19 months & we're trying for no 2. In hindsight we would have loved a few months/a year just married & having fun on holidays etc before having a child.

    It's a personal decision & depends on various factors such as age, home (we were cramped in a one bed flat till DD was 10 months as I didn't want to sell my flat & move whilst pg & then we got stuck in a 9 month chain for our house), work, support network, etc.

    Good luck whatever you decide! X
  • We married in October last year and started TTC in late April. I'm now 17 weeks pregnant!
    We had been together 9 years before marrying so have done all the exotic holidays, houses, general life etc so having a baby as quickly seemed right for us.
  • Aw everyone seems to be TTCing so quickly - I'm envious. Just can't wait to start!! To be honest there is no financial reason not to - we are lucky enough to have a lovely 3 bed house, savings and I will get good maternity pay. But hubby really wants his year. We have two lovely hols booked - Egypt in Sept and Skiing in Feb - so my hope is to get him TTCing with me after that! But he's 39 - surely he should be ready by now!! Grrrr!!!
  • I must be the odd one out!
    We'd been married for 7 years and 9 months.
    We both thought we didn't want any but then i heard a loud ticking and after a quick caluclation realised that DH would be 44 this year we both agreed to give it a go.
    So it's been just the two of us for the last 11 years together. Blimey! When there's 3 of us it's going to be a shock to the system but one that we're now totally ready for!!
  • we got married in july 08, ttc and conceived sept 08, mc'd then ttc again from april 09 and conceived again june 09. but we met when i was 18 and i was 29 when we got married, so we had a lot of time to get to know each other first!
  • I came off the pill a year before our wedding in august last year in preparation for ttc asap afterwards. Turns out we may well of made a honeymoon baby! We got married 8th august 09 and I found out I was preg 5th september 09.

    Our son is 15 weeks now and we are ttc #2

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