af arrived onto month 5 - boo

as above, feeling a bit down, friend at work just let me know she's 14 weeks gone, happy for her but at the same time sad for me and jealous :\(


  • Oh honey image come on chil up, it will happen I promise you. Thne weather is lovely today just look outside and that will cheer you up. When the time is right and it's meant to be it will happen.

    I know this might not help but i wanted you to know your not aloneimage

    K xxx
  • thanks, I know I'll feel better later in the month, the first few days are hard going!
  • Aw Lucille, sorry to hear that the nasty af has arrived. I am expecting the same in the next few days.... image

    Zita West suggests treating it as a cleansing (!!) time and to get your self ready for the next session of bding..

    Fingers crossed for next month. xx
  • Mine showed up too today. On to month 4 for us. I'd rather treat it as a time to actually have a glass of wine without feeling too bad about it!!!
  • HI Lucille, so sorry the witch caught up with you! my witch arrived a day early and I was convinced we'd done it this month! Your right its difficult to begin with but I've been telling myself at least we get another go quite soon.
    Chin up! you will get your bfp!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxx
  • thanks girls, have a bit of a headache, had a few this month and period back to pre pill strength, so maybe it's only out of my system now. at least there's a few of us in the same boat!
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