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Sort of newbie...

Hi all,

I'm kind of new on here (well not really as have been following the site for a couple of months but am quite shy and its taken me til now to pluck up the courage to contribute!). However you're all such a friendly, lovely lot that I thought I had better get over that!!

Anyway this is my third month of TTC and due to test on Friday. Wondered if there was anyone else due to test on the same day?

P.S Congratulations to Saint Bertie and Disco Diva and anyone else with recent BFP's!


  • hiya hun im not testing friday but i just wanted to say good luck im wanting to ovulate im on day 11, you seem nice and friendly too xxx
  • Hi, the first few times I posted it was like joining some private club and felt a bit odd but it soon becomes addictive and you have to come on at least once a day to catch up on everybody's news!!
    Welcome and good luck for friday.x
  • Hi Mrs Fox and well done for posting!!!

    I'm also on month 3ttc but am not testing until 7th or 8th May. Good luck on Fri and I hope you get your bfp. Make sure you let us now how you get on!

    Take care
  • Hi Mrs Fox, not testing friday but testing Saturday if I can wait that long! Its driving me mad!!!!!!!!!! crazy cuckoo!!!!
    Anyhoo, good luck.x
  • Thanks for your replies! Your so right - this is so addictive! Hope you all get your BFPs too and we can join the May BFP club!!
  • Hello mrs fox,

    I was exactly the same as you!!!! I hung around for a while before dareing to say anything!!!! i got my BFP on monday after testing 8 days early. good luck with yours on friday x
  • Hi MrsFox,
    You've got nothing to worry about, everyone is so amazing and friendly and there is always someone to talk to. Good luck with testing.
  • Hi Mrs Fox, Everyone is lovely on here and you have all the support you need. I unfortunately had AF 3 days ago so I am back to square 1 but looking forward to ttc again next month!!!!!! Good luck testing - wishing you a BFP
  • Hi Mrs Fox,

    I'm a newbie too, and I'm testing on Friday.

    Everyone on here is fab.

    So excited that someone else is testing on Friday too.

    Keep me updated on your news.

    Keeping fingers crossed for 2 BFP's on Friday.

    Rachel xx
  • Hiya Mrs Fox and welcome! I might test on Friday if AF hasn't arrived (was due today), fingers crossed for you! x
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