anyone on 1st month ttc

this is my first month ttc,due to test 19th? anyone else?


  • hi ther this is also my first month though wont be due to ov till the 16th of this month so wont be testing till the end of this month - its exciting image

  • im excited but already impatient!
  • ha ha me too it;s all I think about and talk about. It;s just because I am excited and now this is our first month of tring I feel as if we are doing something you know.

  • im the same i think family,hubbie and mates would wish i shut up,cant help it.they want me to be pregnant so i would shut up,ha ha little do they no ill get worse!
  • well you sound just like me my dear. It really is all I can think about. I have been realy ill since monday though feeling better today and that made me me stop thinking about it for a week and now I am feeling better I am back on to babies LOL

    I am not stressing about it though more thinking happy thoughts. I have told myself it does not matter if it takes awhile that is just giving me more time to get my b ody ready and put more folic acid in me image

    K xxx
  • you have the right attitude!
  • I'm on my first month ttc too. Trying to be patient and all that. Won't be testing until end of the month, dependant on what happens with the possible arrival of AF.

    I think i bored all my mates to death
  • I have done just that babies is all I seem to talk about at the mo I check my CM all the time which is not nice LOL and I just want the 2 wee to be here. I said to hubby this morning i want next monday to be here as that will be my two weeks wiat.

    k xx
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