There might be the faintest of faint lines- or not??

I'm about 15dpo and today tested with fmu with a superdrug test. A horizontal evap line came up, then diappeared, then the control vertical line, then I couldn't decide if I could actually see a sceond vertical line or not- if it was there it was sooo faint, when I moved the stick around it moved left to right, the control line did this too. I left it til 3 mins and it didn't get any stronger. I think it may have been my mind wanting to see things! I looked at it so long I may have gone temporarily mad trying to see something that isn't there :lol:

Symptom wise, (tmi!) I've had v painful cramps for the last week but not a hint of blood or brown cm, lots of lotiony cm, metallic taste, nausea, back pain.

I'll test in a couple of days again, still got 2 superdrug tests left :\)


  • Good symptons hun, best to test again, good luck xxx
  • Good luck hun xxx
  • so glad you posted this! I am confused too!!
    Last night I tested with FR and saw the FAINTEST possible line, but it was there I am sure. I have POAS enough times to know when there isn't a 2nd line! This morning did CB digital and it was negative??? It is still early for me to be testing, I am due AF on 26th. What do you think?
    Symptoms; pretty much same as yours! xx
  • Thanks for your encouragement girls x update- tmi- just noticed some light brown spotting on underwear, must have happened in the night. Not much and now it's back to creamy. Cramps stopped yesterday and now only have nausea and metallic taste.

    Becks don't forget cbd are less sensitive than first response or superdrug! Hope you get a strong line next time :\)
  • sounds promising kittenmittens - implantation bleed?
    thanks for the encouragement. going to test tomorrow morning with FR xx
  • Any news yet Becks? I'm leaving it til tomorrow, we'll be at the inlaws but our room has an ensuite so I can do some sneaky poas-ing first thing in the morning!
    Let us know what happens x
  • Good luck Becks and kittenmittens, wishing you lots of babydust and a special christmas bfp
  • When I had my first baby the test I did showed a really really faint line. The test picks up the hormone so the more hormone the stronger the line BUT the test will not pick up even the slightest bit of hormone if your not pg. So.........either you are or your imagining it. Really hope you are hun
  • kittenmittens, do you have any news? I'm over in ireland at the moment for xmas with hubbys family and have not HPT's with me. Flying home tonight so going to test in the morning..... xx
  • good luck becks and KM xx
  • Well it was a bfn yesterday evening, no AF yet, ov was nearly 3 weeks ago now and it was confirmed with ultrasound looking for pcos so I know it happened! I definitely imagined the first bfp as I think the line was a shadow- sounds so silly but I wanted it to be there so much my eyes played tricks on me. I don't have any tests left now, I had 4 for ??8 from Superdrug but geting a bit fed up of bfns so I'm gonna leave it for a while and see if the witch arrives.

    I had a lovely relaxing xmas with lots of booze, pate, cheese etc after my bfn and feel soooo much better for it! image

  • Hi kittenmittens, your mind does play tricks on you hun, I have been having probs with my af coming and going, I have even had a bit of brown cm and like you I ov 7th Dec so am 20dpo and dont think I would get a BFP now.

    I went through 10 hpts and only have 1 left, I was so down everytime I tested and got a BFN, then I had spotting on af day 21st then she went and came back on 24th but inbetween I had brown cm and I thought maybe late implantation but the boxing day and today i have had dark red bleeding but still doesnt feel like a normal af.

    Anyways hun, hope you get your BFP xx
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