Anyone on cd8 & starting SEP?

very sweet, look at all that lovely hair


  • As the title says, I'm currently on cd8 & thinking of starting the sperm & egg plan.

    Anyone else doind the same or at the same stage in their cycle?

    Hilary x
  • Hey Hilary. This is officially month 1 for us (as my cycles finally seem to have settled post-pill) and I'm on either day 4 or day 7 depending on whether or not you count spotting. Not going to do the SEP but am going to be shagging a lot, and probably testing about the same time as you! Good luck - Amy and Zara are gorgeous. Is OH aiming for a little boy this time?
  • I'm not too worried whether I have a boy or girl to be honest. I think i've got used to having 2 girls & part of me wonders what I would do with a wee boy. I know Zaras still too smal but Amy loves getting her hair done & her nails painted & generally all the things you just wouldnt do with a boy. I'm sure Mark would deep down love to have a son though he says hes not bothered & is convinced that hes just going to have to live in a house full of girls.

    I havent told him that I'm going to do this SEP though coz I dont really think hes as convinced as me about trying for another one so soon

    Hilary x
  • My friend had two girls and then a boy, and she said it took her ages to get used to the willy!!

    I'm not going to tell hubby when I'm ovulating either, in the hope that he doesn't feel any pressure, but he's quite astute so will probably realise.
  • Hi Hilary - I am also on day 8 and I was thinking about doing the SEP this month... DH and I had an argument earlier today, so getting him in the mood for some bding may be quite difficultimage

    I will give it a good go though!!! Good luck for tonight...

  • Hi there i'm on CD10 today and have started the SMEP. Haven't told dh as he might think it a bit too clinical - i just have to try and seduce him every other night. Can't think that'll be a problem - might be bloomin tired by the end of it all!!!

  • I think hubby will catch on that I'm ov even if I dont tell him. I'm def not going to tell him about the SEP coz he'll think thats silly & we should just leave it up to nature to decide when we have our next one, but like I've told him before sometimes nature needs a helping hand so wheres the harm.

    I think I'll be knackered by the end of it all too so I really hope it works but seeing as this is only our 1st month of ttc I'm not going to hold my breath either

    Good luck

    Hilary x
  • i'm on day 3 month 2 so thinking of starting sep but not planning on telling oh. have an inspection next week in school so going for a good shag as stress relief image
  • Hi Hilary, I didn't manage to do any bding last night!!! DH was watching the boxing!!! He won't be home on Monday (day 10) either, as he will be playing cricket all night!!! I will have to start the SEP tonight and just do it one day out!!! I am looking forward to POAS tomorrow though as I don't think I ov last month!!! Sara
  • Sara, dont worry I was the same, no bding last night either. Hubby was watching match of the day & by the time I had the 2 wee ones to bed & the bottles all made up it was nearly midnight so I just collapsed in to bed & fell asleep. Hopefully 1 day out wont make too much difference any way coz I'm not ov yet.

    How old is your lo?

    Hilary x
  • Hi Hilary, my lo is 9 1/2 months old... Its so much more difficult trying to bding when you have a lo!!! I'm always so tired... My DH doesn't really want another baby, but i've always wanted two... My lo makes me so happy, I just think how much happier I would be with two!!! How old are your lo's? Gorgeous children by the way... Sara
  • Hi Hilary - I just POAS and it was positive!!! I was going to do it yesterday but thought it would be too early... Wish I had now... The line was as dark as the test line - problem is DH is at work and will be home to have dinner, then straight out to play cricket!!!! By the time he gets home its after 10.30pm!!! I'm always in bed by then!!! Oh well, i'll have to try otherwise its another month down the drain... Are you testing today? Sara
  • Sorry am i a bit dumb but cna you explain sperm and egg plan to me please???
  • HI Sara,

    Amy is 27 months now & Zara was 9 weeks yesterday. I agree the bding isnt easy when you wee ones. I'm not going to use ov sticks for a month or 2 just to see. I usually gets ov pains around the time that I ov so I'm going to just try & judge it by that & the cm. That was great that you got a +ve on your ov stick though. Now all you'll have to do is try & nab hubby when he gets in!!!!

    Good luck

    Hilary x
  • Hi Hilary, 9 weeks old and you're trying for another one already??? Are you mad??? I've just POAS again and it was negative!!! Do you think i've missed my surge? I'm going to get bding for the next 3 days just in case!!! DH has just got home from work, so I must go!!! Wish me luck... Sara
  • I must be mad I know. Thats what my hubby says too. We are supposed to be just taking things as they come & not trying too seriously hence the reason I'm not letting on about this SEP. I would love to concieve sooner rather than later whereas hubby would prefer to wait 6 months but has said if thats what I want then we start now. I keep saying to him that even if I conceived straight away Zara would still be almost 1 before I had the next one.

    I hope you managed to nab hubby last night. Are you going to keep testing for ov for a few more days just incase?

    Hilary x
  • Hi Hilary, I did grab DH last night so I had by bding fix!!! I tested again this morning which was BFP and I tested about an hour ago, BFP again.... So I will be making DH pancakes for dinner, then will jump on him!!! How can he say no??? ha ha ha...

    Did you manage to do any bding???

  • Thats brilliant news. How will he ever be able to resist you after all the pancakes you've made him!!!!

    We managed some bding last night but to be honest I was knackered & not really in the mood for it & I suspect hubby was the same but neither of us said anything. It will be worth the effort in the end. Isnt that awful saying that it was an effort though I'm sure you know what I mean. I think the SEP seems a good idea but I think to be honest it could be hard to stick to with 2 wee ones to look after too. I'm really going to try my best though coz I want to be pregnant again so much, I'm even missing the morning sickness.

    Part of me wishes I was using the ov sticks but I'm not sure if my cycle has gone back to normal or not after having Zara so I mught wait a few months before I start using them , though it would be great if I got a BFP before that. Not holding my breath though

    Good luck for tonight

    Hilary x
  • I do know what you mean - how come after having a baby, sex is the last thing you want to do??? Its a real hassle and I really can't be bothered but you have to do it don't you? Pancakes went down well, so now i'll wait for them to settle and go and put on some saucy underwear!!! Always does the trick!!!

    I've given up on the SEP as we didn't do any bding on day 8... I got the ov sticks from Access Diagnostics and they were only ??8 for 25, which included the delivery... Its also good as you get to POAS!!! ha ha ha...

    Good luck for you too...

    Sara x
  • Hi Hilary - Well, it was a chore last night - DH wasn't interested in the bding, he wanted to watch all the election rubbish on the tv!!! I had to pull out all the big guns, underwear, toys (tmi, sorry) etc... Did the trick... Now i've got to come up with another plan for tonight!!! How come when I want some bding, he doesn't and when he does, I don't???

    I've had some bad cramps low down this morning, so am wondering if its ovulation pains...

    Lo had me up several times in the night (still not sleeping through) and at the moment, i'm trying to get up each time and not ask DH to get up as I know he will moan and I don't want him to use this as an excuse not to try for number 2!!!

    How did you get on last night? Any luck? I know what you mean about wanting to be pregnant again, I really miss feeling lo kick and move around... I've obviously forgotten about the backache and sore hips!!! ha ha ha... I was lucky and only had morning sickness for 5 weeks, but I miss it as that was a sign he was in there!!!

    Good luck for tonight... Not long to wait, then we can test!!! Fancy doing it together?

    Sara x
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