Is anyone really scared about being pregnant?

I'm really excited about having a baby but all the symptoms and the labour makes me so scared!

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  • I already have one daughter 2 1/2 yrs old. My regenancy was not so bad at all. Sciatica got me badly towards the end - and i did fall into the trap of 'eating for two'! Thats all i would advise against because just when you get your body back after pregnancy you may still feel unhappy if you have put on more than jus 'baby weight'. WHen it comes to labour i am afraid i am also pretty scared to go through it again - but remember YOU are in charge and there is no need to be a hero - if you need pain relief just ask! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • i can't wait for the wonderful experience of pregnancy, labour and birth, but sometimes i wonder if it'll freak me out and how i'll cope with labour, but im sure it's normal to have these nerves and worries! i just remind myself of all the millions of women that have done it before and the wonderful gift at the end of it all that makes it all worth it, there's ups and downs with everything after all xx
  • I have a daughter who is 2 1/2, I quite enjoyed being pregnant although I had no time to think about it before hand as she was a very happy accident. I did suffer with terrible morning sickness though which I dont look forward to having again but hopefully I wont. I didnt think about what the labour would be like much just kept positive and an 'I can do it' attitude'. I was in labour for 11hrs and actually quite enjoyed the experience (apart from the pain) and obviously the relief once she was born. Im am a little bit scared of being pg and giving birth again but usually block it out of my mind as the end result is soooo worth it. But Im also really excited and cant wait to be pregnant again xxx

  • I had morning sickness from 6-22 weeks and then had a few weeks where I really enjoyed it-feeling your baby moving inside you is brilliant. I then started to swell-had to get soft trainers 2 sizes larger than normal, bp went up and was signed off work with hypertension from 28 weeks. I was then very closely monitored and trailed back and forth to hospital, sometimes staying in as they monitored my blood pressure and medication etc. Finally ended up with an emergency section at 32 weeks and lo in scbu for 4 weeks(she was 3lb 5oz). Although I'm scared it will happen again I LOVED my pregnancy and can't wait to be pregnant again-although its scary its wonderful!!!
  • I have a 2 yera old little boy and he was born ay 29 weeks so am very anxious about being pregnant again!
    I will worry until i pass 29 wks and then i will embrace being pregnant,i want the big bump and to not see my toes for a few months as i didn't have any of that when i was pregnant with my son!!
    Everyone i'm sure is worried about being pregnant and giving birth,but i always say you got it in there it's got to come out somehow!!
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