Wondered if anybody charted on FF? Im using it for the first time, im only on CD12 so not much to show as of yet but wondered if anybody wanted to share image

I have no idea what im doing tho...trying my best lol! Does it automatically work out when you ovulated for you after it sees your peak?

Loves xxx


  • I haven't yet but this may help you:


    Gives you a free on line course and lots of information xx



  • Doh - if i had read the title properly and the post.....how blonde am I! You must have been thinking yeah I already know ha ha. Well I haven't used it yet but I am registered so ready to use when I feel the need to xx



  • I use it, and I love it! On my 3rd cycle now, and it tracked the ovulation correctly in the first two cycles, so I was very impressed, as my cycles are a bit erratic so saved me some money on HPT's, lol. When I signed up they sent me some lessons every day by email explaining it all, which I found really useful, and the chart gallery is fascinating too.

    I did find in the first month that I was over-analysing every little dip and rise for possible signs of implantation though, so am trying to be a bit more relaxed about it this cycle (ha, who am I kidding?!)

    Hannah xx
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