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Hi Chanidol

i was just wondering how your hospital appointment went?

I've got mine through, due to go on 21 September to see the gynaecologist - needless to say still no sign of period.



  • Hi Heather23

    Just read your post. Are you not having AF? I came off pill nearly 5 months ago and still no AF yet. Do you know what thry docs do about it?


    J x
  • Hi Jph5uk

    Don't worry, you're not alone!! I came of the pill in January. I had the first withdrawal bleed but have had nothing since. My doctor made me wait until 6 months had passed until she referred me to the hospital, and now i've got my appointment through for 21 September, so I just hope something positive comes out of it and I find out whats causing the missing af.

    I'm not sure what they'll do, which is a bit unnerving, i presume they'll do tests and have a look or a poke about (not quite looking forward to that - I'll have to make sure i've got my best pants on!!). It'll all be worth it though if it means we're one step closer to getting the baby we so desperately want.

    Keep in touch!

    Heather xx
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