Happy Birthday to Dotty1977 and Emilyjh

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Dotty & emily :lol:
Happy Birthday to you


Have Fun Love Gems

Thought i'd add some


For next month xx image

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  • Thanks Gems, thats lovely!!

    Been spoilt already today, new coat and shoes, perfume from my son and sexy undies from the OH!! Shame AF is here, the undies won't see any action for a few days!! Who knows, they could be the way to making a baby this month!!

    Baby dust to all xx
  • Hey Dotty - we share the same birthday! I've never known anyone who's birthday is the same as mine! Have a great day! xx
  • Happy birthday to dotty and emilyjh image

    Birthday babydust to you both xx
  • Happy birthday dotty and emilyjh! Hope you have great days and are spoilt rotten. Are you doing anything nice tonight? x
  • Hi emilyjh, happy birthday to you too image !! I don't think i've known anyone that share's my birthday either!! I bet you don't share my age though, 32 today image

    Gembags, you'll have to amend the subject now to include emilyjh!!

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  • Happy birthday girls!
  • Happy Birthday ladies!! x
  • Ah thanks guys - you're all so sweet. Afraid not dotty - I'm 26 today! Just enjoying my lunch and off out with DH and family tonight! Have a great day everyone! xx
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