Does a + on a OPK need to be as dark as the control line?

Hi Ladies,

Hope you are all well.

The title says it all really, I have just done an OPK and there is a line there although it is fainter than the control line. I've been using these tests for the last 2 months and this is the strongest (although still not as strong as the control line!) that I have had. I have had EWCM the last few days and my temps have risen slightly so I'm feeling positive.

I'm on CD14 but my last two cycles have been 39 and 40 days. They do vary between 24 and 40 days though.

Reading this back it sounds positive but the test instructions say the line has to be as dark or darker than the control line, just keen to hear your experinces.

Thanks for your advice,

Claire x


  • i got pregnant --only getting a small line on the OPK---of course it was an internet cheapie---but i think if u get a smal line thats a
  • they do say it needs to be as same as the control line but they has been loads of ladies who have never got a line darker than the control line and got a bfp and iam 1 of them,i had a line for 3 days,never as dark as the control line and i got pregnant that month and with twins,so if you havent already get bd'ing :lol: good luck

  • Thanks brillbride that exactly the sort of reply I was hoping for!! BDing for us tonight then!! x
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