Anyone deciding to do it the old fashioned way this month?

Hi girls

AF arrived this morning and has left me feeling particularly fed up. OH and I have been trying for 6/7 months now (I don't mean to offend anyone by saying that as I know many of you lovely ladies have been here much longer than I have). Last month we used the cbfm and have used pre-seed and SMEP for the last 4/5 months.

Sooooooooooooooo, I was just wondering if anyone else was thinking bugger it all, am just going to focus on something else this month (losing weight and getting back into gym) and not doing anything special other than enjoying it when we want it?

Just wondered if anyone was thinking of doing it the old fashioned way?

V xxx


  • I really want to try and chill out this month too but I have too much OCD!!
    I need some control! image x
  • I know what you mean, I'm like that too, but it's just soooo exhausting. So I thought if I steer it to my weight loss and fitness then it will put it to good use - lol

  • Hey,

    we just got our bfp and im more than 199% it was because we chilled out!

    OH had been to the docs and he had told him to do the following

    7 days off (so from day 1 of bleed)
    7 days on - so BD every day
    7 days off
    and 7 days on again.

    We didnit do this to the book but we did 13 days off and 12 / 13 on lol - im sure we conceived when we were on holiday!

    There were no opks, no cbfm involved or temping - we were just chilled and BD a lot.

  • Ahh thanks Princess, lets hope it works for us this month like it did for you. Its good to hear people doing this and getting their BFP.

    Congratulations and best wishes for the next 8 months. xx
  • The month I got my BFP we didn't try at all as we were getting married so our minds were focused on the wedding! and we only BD about 3 times and I had no idea it was at the right time! unfortunately it ended in MMC but i'm going to remain relaxed when we start trying again as I'm sure the reason I didn't fall earlier then April was because I was too stressed about it! Good luck hun xxxxx
  • Hi Vicsy - I have just seen this. I have replied on the 'insane' thread too but I came to exactly the same conclusion as you while I was away for the week. How funny that we have both come up with the same idea at the same time! My hubby's way of putting it was 'doing it like the cavemen did it' lol, but I guess that basically equates to 'the old fashioned way' too!

    I am just into month 5 TTC and from now on I am going to make a note in my diary of when my next AF is due and pay attention to when my body tells me I am fertile, but that's it - no more obsessively counting days and no more OPKs. I enjoyed the novelty at first but now I am convinced that are just adding to the stress of TTC and being counter-productive.

    I am also going to take my mind of TTC as much as possible - I'll still come on here, but will think much more about doing things around the house & garden / having nice days out with hubby and enjoying lots of fun BD. Fingers crossed this will do the trick at some point and I will get pregnant sometime over the course of the year....

    Good luck to everyone else going 'au naturel' and thanks for the positive stories from ladies who have conceived after relaxing about things! xxx

  • Hi all, I so want to be relaxed but I don't want to be doing it at the wrong time! I fear I have become too obsessed. I have started taking B6 this month because my LP is too short so I kind of want to keep an eye on when I OV to see if it's working, because if it doesn't I have to go back to the doc. Last month we BDd up to and including my +ve OPK and managed to fertilise an egg but it didn't stick because of my stupid body.

    So in a way I am more relaxed because I know we can get pregnant, I just need the B6 to work. I think I will use the OPKs this month and then if the B6 has worked I may ditch them next month. Am I being too OTT or should I just go natural?

    In addition to this we have a friend living with us as he has just started a job up our way, so he'll be with us for a couple of months while he earns enough money to get his own place (rented, not buying, he'd be here forever!) He goes home at weekends so kinda praying I OV at a weekend!

    I am a bag of emotions, one minute relaxed and 'doing it' whenever/wherever and then feeling very down about it all, having a crap body, not being able to do it properly because we aren't alone.

    Sorry, I know what I've just come out with is the exact opposite of relaxing, just needed to vent. Hopefully I can calm down now!

    Good luck to you all, I really hope we see a few more BFPs this month, June seems to be lucky already! xxx
  • Mrs Hobbes, if you dont mind me asking, how do you know that you managed to ferilise an egg? xx
  • You can get a +ve pregnancy test before the egg implants. But then if it doesn't implant you have a period anyway, usually just a few days later than it would have been. It's called a chemical pregnancy. Apparently it's very common but most women don't notice because they still have a period. It was just late and heavier/more painful than usual. x
  • Oh I see, silly me! That must have been very hard for you to have been so excited about your bfp, then to have a chemical. Hope you manage to extend your lp xx
  • Hi Vicsy - When I was on my hols last week I came to exactly the same conclusion as you and am dropping the bbt's, opk's etc. We'll still bd but I am so stopping all the obsessive poas's etc. It's exhausting! I have put my life on hold for too long and have been pg (after 3 mc's) for over 6 months now!

    I too am going to put all my obsessions into getting back to the gym and trying and lose a stone before I start obsessing about ttc again! How much weight are you planning on losing perhaps we could check in with each other?

    My plan is to run 3/4 times a week and do free weights for toning (my arms are a joke - fat and ugly!). I plan to lose 2lb a week starting next week - I have too many dinners (work, friends) planned to start this week image
  • I'm kind of the opposite... We've been doing things the old fashioned way since it worked for #1 but having trouble with #2 so thinking of using opk's the next we try - we're taking a few months off due to DH's travel schedule... I'm worried though of becoming compulsive, OCD and the rest of it so not convinced it's the route to go for us...maybe we'll stick with status quo after all if I see more bfps coming to you au naturel ladies!

    GL and babydust to all!
  • MrsHobbes, I'm really sorry about your chemical pregnancy. I hope you're doing ok. As you are worried about your LP it probably does make sense to track when you ov so you can keep an eye on it in relation to AF. Good luck with the B6 - really hope it does the trick. xxx
  • Me... image Going back to basics on Month 12 for us...

    Holiday = Relaxation = A BFP (I hope, anyway)
  • Good luck to everyone trying the old fashioned way. I really wish I could but there's no way I could relax without my opk's! I'm slightly crazy!
    MrsHobbes I have a short luteal phase too and am in my second month of taking B6. Last month I took 50mg daily (how much are you taking?) and my lp increased from 7/8 days to 10/11. I'm really hoping month 7 is our lucky month x
  • Thanks guys. It's ok, I was upset when it happened and even more so after I told hubby and saw the look on his poor little face, but I'm doing better now. My lovely friend lent me me her CBFM and when I opened the bag she'd popped in pg tests, a huge book on fertility and a fetal doppler to listen to the heartbeat. She's so sweet bless her. Not using the CBFM yet though.

    Although I was watching Gavin and Stacey earlier and burst into tears at the scene where Nessa gives birth. Such a twit.

    Thanks Tilty :\) I'm going to see when I OV and won't count my LP until I have AF, so no counting DPO this time. My LP has been 10/11 days which the doc said should be ok but after last month I'm not so sure, so trying the B6 just to see. Even if it only extends it by a couple of days I think that should be enough. How're you? xxx
  • Just to add, when we were ttc our ds my luteal phase was only 10 days and he was fine so your chemical pregnancy may have had nothing to do with that and sadly be 'one of those things' - why do people ever say that! Ugh, I hope you know what I mean though x
  • Hi Goonie sorry I missed your first post. Long time no speak, how's it going? That is reassuring, thanks for sharing that. You're right it may have been just a coincidence. Wow 3 days in one month sounds ideal! Are you taking it again this month or will your LP stay at 10/11 days now? I'm taking 50mg too, got a complex from Holland and Barrett x
  • I'm taking it again as I have no idea if it would revert back again? I'm on cd16 today and have had positive opks yesterday and today so I'll let you know in 10 days time!!
    What cd are you on? x
  • MrsHobbes, I'm actually feeling pretty good since deciding to chill out a bit... just got back from a lovely week's holiday and feeling very relaxed at the moment about just getting pregnant when it happens. I still really do hope it's soon but I've realised after a few months of OPKs / timed BD that I can't force it to happen, so I'm just attempting to have lots of fun sex from now on and will keep my fingers crossed. I keep reminding myself that the likelihood is that it *will* happen at some point this year, and if it doesn't there's probably help available.

    There seem to be quite a few posts on here at the moment about people taking a similar approach - maybe there's something in the water!

    I really do hope you get a sticky bean very very soon, and good luck with lengthening the LP. From what I have read 10/11 days is borderline ok so hopefully if you can just manage to increase it by a day or so with the B6 that will do the trick. I really hope your next cycle brings some happy news. xx
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