OMG guess what happend!

So my bank holiday was going swimmingly....

I went to my OH brothers how - they have a new born - about 3 months! Well they when for a check up about 2 weeks ago - and as they walked through the hospital some nurse from the fertility clinic called out my name!!!!

They said they looked round for me - and we all had a joke about it - but it really was me! I did have an appointment 2 weeks ago - I thought my docs would have cancelled it cuz I was going private!

So if I hadn't gone private - my and my OH would have bumped into his brother and his OH - OMG!

Doesn't even bare thinking about!!!

I have a fairly common surname - so we kind of laughed it off - I hope!!!



  • Wow that was a close call! I take it they dont know that your ttc? I allways see people i know whenever i go to our hospital so i would never be able to keep a secret! lol. xx
  • OMG how bad would that have been. I'm hoping to god i don't bump into anyone at the hospital when i go. Luckily my Dad is on holiday that week so i don;t have to make an excuse to leave work!!!
  • lol! I know it would have been bad!!!!!

    Well I am now going private in the another city - so that should stop me bumping into people!!!

  • I hate it when you're trying to keep it secret. When ttc i stop all caffine and drinking... my family are mean lol, they say the second i stop having a drink i MUST be pg!! xxx
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