Worried, am i MC?

Hi ladies, i'm trying not to worry here because i only got my bfp result 2 days ago. Its just that all through the night i've benn having intense pain on both sides and kinda radiating right across. I had this last time and i'm scared i might be MC. Doc confirmed me as 6 weeks and 5 days yesterday. Do you think its anything to worry about?? xx Megs xx


  • Im really not sure Ive never had mc just didnt want to r&r. You should see your dr today if your getting those pains just to check. good luck hun hope everything is ok with your little bean x x x
  • I dont know- i'd speak to the dr too. Hope everything is alright and its a sticky bean. Good luck!!xx
  • See your doctor just to make sure all is well hun. I mc 2 weeks ago, but it was a mmc. Didnt have any pain before hand, just a bit of spotting. If you are worried at all then its best to check it out. hope all is well for you xx
  • Try and speak to your doctor or failing that your local hospital should have an early pregnancy dept. They should be able to scan you at nearly 7 weeks. Fingers are crossed and sticky babydust for you xx
  • Some pain can be absolutely normal in early pregnancy- maybe you could phone the doc for some reassurance or phone nhs direct so they can put your mind at ease
  • Try not to worry megs. If you are still getting pains or if you want some professional advice I'd make an appt at the GPs.

    Sending you lots of stick babydust!!

    Good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you hun.

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