What would you wish for on a shooting star?

I was walking home tipsyly at about 1.30am this morning with my OH after a christmas party and we noticed how clear the sky was and how we could see the stars. Anyway, I saw a shooting star (which i decided was my little Angel Ewan popping by to say hello to his mum and dad) and I made the obvious wish on it!! You all know what it was, but can't say it out loud in case it doesn't come true ;\)

Anyway, what would you wish for if you were guranteed it would come true, apart from the obvious BFP :lol:

I'm still thinking, I'll post mine when i come up with it!! image


  • I would wish for my mum to be truly happy, I don't think she has been for a while and I would love for her to love life again like she used to.

    I would say that sounds like your little Ewan letting you know that he is ok hun and watching over his beloved Mummy & Daddy xx
  • id say it was him too hun, giving you a wave.

    thats a good question and one i will have to think about apart from the obvious.xxx
  • I hope your Mum finds happiness too, it's lovely that you'd give your wish away to someone else.

    I think i'd wish for my 9yr old son Cole to grow up into a good person, he's halfway there as he's a good kid. I think it's a motherly thing to do, to give your wish away, or maybe just a womanly thing to do!! :\)
  • Dotty you seem like a lovely lady and I'm sure your son will grow into a wonderful young man :/)

    My second choice would be OH's dad, he's quite old and gets poorly so I would want him to be there for our wedding and to see our babies (PMA there see) be born and for him to stick around long enough for them to remember him because he is an amazing father and grandfather to the LO's OH's brother has.
  • Thanks Broodybeth, I think the ladies on here in general are all lovely!! We're all after the same goal!!

    I'm sorry for your OH's dad, I lost my dad when I was 19 (12 years ago now) and i'd give anything for him to know my son. When he died he had 3 grandchildren, he now has 13 (14 if i count Ewan) and also a great grandchild on the way (my Mum's still here and is only 58!!). It's heartbreaking when you can't share these things with your loved ones!!

    Here's hoping you get your BFP soon and your OH's dad can be a brilliant grandad to your kids too xx
  • Can it be a long one??

    If so i would wish to get my BFP and give birth to a happy and healthy baby who lived a long life and that myself, my OH and my parents and brother were there to see him/her grow up too. xx
  • To make my grandma better x
  • to make my cousin better, he's in icu
  • make my MIL happy, I know that sounds weird but she lives to serve her husband and eldest son(not my DH) and is so bitter

  • For a xmas BFP and to make my Grandma better, she has been really poorly this past year with 2 stays in hospital, love her to pieces, she is a wonderful lady image

    Dotty - I am sure it was your special angel saying hello xx
  • I'd use it for my sil (also best friend) she has been ttc 3years she is also in the middle of a child abuse case........ I would wish for her BFP and hope she wins her case and her stepdad goes away for a long time and for just to be happy and at peace again xxxx

    gems x
  • A BFP! Followed closely by my wish to come into some money...so I could afford to be a stay at home mum and not have to stress about our mortgage and bills!
  • I would wish the people would start being nicer to each other... everyone (obv not literally speaking) is so damn nasty, miserable and mean these days...
    I would like to bring a baby in to a "Nice" world!
  • for us,family and friends to live a happy confident comfy life with out all the trouble and strife that goes with it

    a BFp wouldne go a miss either tho lol
  • for everyone close to me to be safe and happy and for those that have passed on to be at peace NN to be exact xx
  • sorry to g/c

    Bizarre I should come across this post, I saw my first shooting star Saturday night at 12.30. It was amazing as the sky was so clear and it was the first I have ever seen, such an amazing sight.
  • MrsWard, it was Friday night when i saw the shooting star and it's the 1st time i've seen one in this country!! It's a lovely sight don't you think xx
  • I would wish for my friend to have success with her IVF treatment. She starts this week and it sounds hideous. She has one pop with the NHS, and enough saved to go private for one more go. So I would wish for her to fall pg on the first round, not only so she doesn't have to go through it all again, but also so that she can use that 5 grand to spend on her baby.

    (Oh, and also I would like a take home baby for me too).
  • I would wish that I could go home for Christmas to see my mom and dad - I havent seen them in 2 years. Home is too far away and too expensive to get there too often!!
  • i saw one last night and thought of you dotty image
    i made a wish different from the one i wrote and hoping it comes true image
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